Frigg, Goddess Of Knowledge

Well being that this will be a short week due to the holiday and all its preparations Miss Sky will not have spelling , vocabulary, or form drawing. We will however still be working from last weeks Norse creation story continuing in her  book of gods and goddesses. Today was all about Frigg, but first we had a short warm up with movement time. We our focusing on our Thanksgiving songs and fingerplays this week only.

Fairy Ring (gathering song)

Good Morning Dear Earth

The Turkey (fingerplay)

Let’s Be Thankful For This Day

Five Little Turkey’s (fingerplay)
Over The River and Through The Wood

Little Pilgrim (song)

Most of the Thanksgiving songs that don’t have a link already can be found here.

Sticking with drawing our own pictures this block Miss Sky first told me what she remembers about Frigg from last weeks story and the only thing I added was how she made every object of nature take an oath not to harm her favorite son Balder. She copied her summary in her MLB then we drew our picture.

pictures 1238

(I think her drawings are being influenced by our Oz readings )

For reading Miss Sky read the first 3 chapters of The Courage of Sarah Noble by Alice Dalgliesh  and I read the first half of An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving by Louisa May Alcott. This is another of our most favorite fall stories and could not imagine Thanksgiving without it. This story brings on so much imaginative play and can be found for free here.

Wishing everyone a happy Monday !


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