Twins Balder And Hod

Man it sure turned cold fast I mean I just had my sheets hanging outside yesterday and this morning woke up to sleet. Guess we will just have to fire up the wood stove (darn).

I have found myself back in the kitchen, we have made peace with each other this week and it feels good to be using my hands again to bring nourishment to my family. I have been looking at the same pumpkin for weeks (Halloween) why roast it there will be no pumpkin pie this year but I found a great website that has changed my tune and a crustless pumpkin pie recipe. This gluten-free journey has not been an easy one for me and maybe you have noticed there has not been any baking days with The Little’s lately. Do I even dare to admit cereal (rice and corn chex) has made it back on our breakfast menu, but tomorrow is Thanksgiving and my family is counting on me.

Yesterday we finished our story An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving and I find myself thinking just how much things have changed since then. How days before Thanksgiving women found themselves busily in the kitchen working to prepare for the weeks festivities now not only can you have Thanksgiving catered to you but we find ourselves having to make crustless pies.

Well enough of my whining , we have managed to fit in some schoolwork so we can kick back and enjoy our 4 day weekend with loved ones. After doing our Thanksgiving circle for the last time we finished the week out talking about Balder and Hod and Miss Sky came up with a summary from what she already knows about them. Even though this story is different  (my own thoughts since I know what happens in the end) I have found it a bit similar to the Bible story of Cain and Able or I should say it reminds me of the story. Balder being the favorite most beautiful and gentle of all the gods, and Hod being blind ruling the dark hours of the night. Miss Sky copied her summary and made her picture in her MLB.

pictures 1240

For story Miss Sky finished her book The Courage Of Sarah Noble and has been independently reading If You Lived in Colonial Times by Ann McGovern. When out at JoAnne’s fabrics I happen to find some material in the scrap bin to help Miss Sky practice cross stitching. She was really excited to start to work on her “sampler”.Little Sis worked on her paper “quilt work” There is just something about doing handwork on a cold day in front of the fire.

Wishing everyone A Very Happy Thanksgiving !


2 Responses to “Twins Balder And Hod”

  1. Shirley @ gfe Says:

    So glad you like my crustless pumpkin pie! Hope you’ll find many more gfe answers to make your gluten-free journey easier. Thanks so much for the link love. 🙂

    Love the activities and that warm fire … just built a fire in our woodstove this evening and it feels great!


    • dkjsv05 Says:

      I can not thank you enough for you web site. You have made me like my kitchen again :).

      Happy Thanksgiving !

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