Counting To Christmas

Happy December !

We awoke to our first dusting of snow this morning and The Little’s were so excited “What a way to welcome December”. Today also marks the start of our Christmas countdown. The nature table has been cleared of all autumn’s many treasures and replaced by our Advent table.

pictures 1259

Mary is ready to start on her journey to Bethlehem, the little’s take turns everyday moving her a bit closer to her destination. Then Christmas eve after Mary and Joseph arrive at the stable and wait for the arrival of the Christ child we all join Papa on the couch for a reading of The Christmas Story by Jane Ray.

” The first light of Advent is the light of stone, stones that live in crystals, seashells, and bones”. We added our stones to the nature table.

We also countdown to Christmas with a Jesse Tree. We read a chapter each day of The Jesse Tree by Geraldine McCaughrean and add a new ornament to our tree.

pictures 1263

Today we found the perfect branch for our Jesse Tree. Papa cut a branch in 23 rounds for our ornaments and we will paint a picture to represent each story. Tomorrow is the sun and moon to represent the creation of the world.

I have mentioned in previous posts we do not celebrate “commercial” Santa, we do however celebrate St. Nicholas day on December 6. We love  Christine Natale’s St. Nicholas Stories I read them for bedtime. Then the night before The Little’s leave out their shoes on the hearth and in the morning find a small treasure (must fit in their shoe) and the new Christmas book.

After we read the new story we read Counting To Christmas by Nancy Tafuri and begin our Christmas activities starting by making  Christmas cards.

And don’t forget St Lucia’s day December 13.

I love the holidays ! Each year as The Little’s grow these traditions become more special and I try to make a special memory every year.

Yesterday for lessons was all about Heimdall.

pictures 1256

For spelling Miss Sky practiced her words by looking at the word then closing her book writing it down on paper then checking if she spelled it right. Next she looked up her first 3 vocabulary words in the dictionary copying the definition in her MLB. This weeks list is:







I loved A Little Nature Nest’s (blog) idea of using playdoh for practicing knotted forms so yesterday that is what Miss Sky did.

pictures 1257

I think it really helps to see the form this way.

Today was all about the Vanir gods Njord, Frey and Freya.

pictures 1265

Leaving Loki for tomorrow, Miss Sky already knows how she wants to draw him.

We practiced spelling with me asking Miss Sky her words while she walked them out forwards then backwards. She takes one step forward for each letter then takes a step backwards while spelling them backwards.(observe evresbo) She’s been having a hard time with thought and realized it ends the same way it starts when spelling it backwards. She finished looking up her vocabulary words and practiced her form on the board.

Miss Sky read to chapter 4 in The Best Christmas Pageant Ever and I read to Christmas on Plum Creek ,Surprise from Little House Christmas Treasury.

Many blessing for the month of December.



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