Handmade Christmas 2010

I thought I would do an update post and give kudos(link love) to those that have helped with my handmade Christmas so far this year.

I have already made a post of how our family celebrates Christmas with The Little’s each getting 3 gifts and one shared gift (thinking some new beeswax ) to open from Papa and I. I also want to say that this is “our” families choice . I completely understand that this may not be for everyone , and that’s okay  this is not a “judgment” or a “guilt trip” on my part just an alternative :).

I thought I would share one of the gifts that has become a tradition for The Little’s come Christmas morning. They each receive new matching pajamas ,matching knitted slippers, and new matching pajamas for their dolls (they should receive a present too). I wish I could say these were handmade items from myself but I am not quite there yet in my sewing skills(I hope to be though). Until then I use the wonderful talents of others to help pull my tradition together.

I am sure you have seen the beautiful works of art Renee at heirloomseasons makes for her children to wear. Well I asked if she would mind sharing some of her talent with us and she agreed. Sorry no pictures as of yet (I have managed to still keep them a secret) but they are everything I was hoping for (truly an heirloom). Thanks so much Renee.

Allyn over at Knitwit4ever makes my girls their slippers. I send her my request of colors and sizes and she sends me just what I ordered. Her pictures do not do justice to her wonderful talent. These slippers are made to last. The Little’s wear them all winter and even use them as ice skates across our floor. Thanks So much Allyn, it’s a pleasure to do business with you.

Need doll clothes to fit your 16 inch Waldorf doll and custom-made to match your children’ s pjs Blissality is the place to go. Thanks Elizabeth for making my girls Christmas extra special this year.

I also would like to plug King’s Little Blessings . She custom-made The Little’s dolls nightgowns pictured up above 2 Christmases ago (man time sure does fly) thanks again Marlina.

Doll beds pictured in background are custom-made right here in Papa’s (aka our Santa) workshop.

I  just wanted to say how much I love esty. To actually know the people who are bringing the smiles to my girls come Christmas morning to me is priceless and something I am very grateful for.

Wishing everyone a happy holiday.

Ps If you have a esty store you would like to plug for the holidays, feel free to leave your link in the comments :).


4 Responses to “Handmade Christmas 2010”

  1. MamaAcorn Says:

    Happy Holidays to you too! Such wonderful treasures in store for your little ones! Alex has been begging me to set up a playdate with Miss Sky.

  2. Allyn Says:

    I hope The Littles enjoy their new (shh! color is a surprise…) slippers! It is great fun being one of Santa’s helpers. Those red and white pairs certainly were well used. I wish your whole family warm toes and a wonderful holiday, Kim! See you again soon.
    Allyn ( knitwit4ever.etsy.com )

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    […] for ourselves ,besides everything that I had already posted which was a big hit (okay Christmas is over its time to get dressed), we decided to go a different […]

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