Happy St. Nicholas Day !

Well (I love how fellow blogger Close Academy so well put it into words) “Christmas School” has officially begun here in our household.

I have always been a “unschooler ” at heart but my choleric temperament needs to see the whole picture when it comes to educating my children. I need to see an end, what they need to know year by year in order to stay “caught up ” with peers these sort of things. Miss Sky’s sanguine temperament needs the “structure” and rhythm of “school” to help keep her balanced and focused.

However I also have had the privilege ,with Little Sis, of seeing  just how well children do learn when left on their own (This is the child that tells Miss Sky when it’s time to start on workbooks). I know of course this also has a lot to do with imitation too.

I never thought it fair to say that we are on ” holiday break”  because to me learning never stops. Just because it does not look like “standardized” school does not mean it’s not school. That’s why I love the term “Christmas school” so much. (Thanks Close Academy for giving me a name for it :).)

So starting today until epiphany (the 12 holy nights off for myself to meditate and reflect) we are doing Christmas school and our handwork block.

Last week we finished up our Norse Myths gods and goddess block with Miss Sky drawing her picture and summary of Loki , the trickster, in her MLB. I think she did a great job coming up with the pictures herself.

pictures 1266

I want to add that Miss Sky herself has taken on the “trickster” role in our house this year. You never know what corner she will be waiting behind to jump out and scare you. She sort of reminds me of The Boy That Cried Wolf, if you know what I mean. “Mommy, Mommy Little Sis is bleeding , or sick,” ( you can fill in the blanks)  then that mischievous laugh that follows.  Has anyone else noticed this with this age? I am really looking forward to finishing these blocks with Miss Sky to see what she takes inward.

We kicked off  Christmas school (trying to see just how many times I can say Christmas school in one post :)) with games. Starting with Miss Sky’s favorite Monopoly(because she seems to always win). This is something we just don’t have much time for in a regular school day. This helped work on Miss Sky’s adding and subtracting as well as Little Sis’s who kept on insisting to add everyone’s dice together(yes she is adding now without fingers).

Next it was time to work on Miss Sky’s hand-eye coordination(thanks to good old Saint Nick). This is something she really needs to work on, we are still not jumping  rope yet.  I didn’t think she would like this as well as she did. She has played with it all day and even talked Papa into playing by starting a tournament (boy some people can really take their jacks seriously).

Then it was outdoors for 20 minutes of fresh air and sunshine. Yeah 20 degrees doesn’t mean much to my children when there is snow on the ground but that’s okay Mama was ready for them with a warm fire and hot cocoa when they ventured back  inside.

While The Little’s thawed out in front of the fire I read our next story in The Jesse Tree by Geraldine McCaughrean. I really like how our Jesse Tree is turning out.

pictures 1272

With every ornament having a picture that represents each story painted on the front and back.

We also added to our Advent table and moved Mary closer to her destination. “The second light of Advent is the light of plants, plants that reach up to the sun in the breezes and dance.”

pictures 1277

Okay funny story. I began to notice that stars kept coming up missing over the weekend. Of course no one knew anything about this. Well today I finally had it. “I know someone is taking stars off the table and I want to know WHO right now.” Little Sis’s voice squeaked out ” Well it seems like Christmas is going to take FOREVER to get here so I thought I would speed things up a bit”. OMGoodness who could have kept a straight face after that? I will never look at the Advent table the same again.

Well after our fit of laughter it was time to get back to more game playing. All and all I think it was a great day of Christmas school and I look forward to using this time to “exhale” from our usual studies.

Wishing everyone a Happy Saint Nicholas Day!


2 Responses to “Happy St. Nicholas Day !”

  1. Cathy Says:

    Hi there,

    Have just finished reading your blog after recently discovering it. Just wanted to say a big thank you for keeping it. I really appreciate those who take the time to blog about Waldorf homeschooling – it is such a big help to folk like us who are just starting out. We are doing grade one at the moment.

    Did you use the Waldorf curriculum for grades one and two also? Would you be willing to write a post about your best resources and books for those years? We love books in our house too, and I am always keen to get recommendations, and it’s one of the things I really like about your blog.

    Looks like Christmas School has got off to a good start. What a great tradition!


    • dkjsv05 Says:

      Hi Cathy,

      Thank you for your sweet comment :).

      I have used Waldorf education the whole time but didn’t get the nerve to blog about until we started third grade (I really am a shy person believe it or not). I do have favorite resources I used from those grades and would be glad to do a post about them. I am always happy to talk about books :).

      I will be honest though and say not all my resources are “Waldorf”. I build my lessons around an outline of what is studied each year and “why” it’s being studied then find resources that work for my family. I hope that makes sense.

      So glad you stopped by and many blessings to you on your journey,

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