Christmas , Christmas Time Is Here

Yes the Christmas music is in rotation and the craft boxes have been brought out.

First activity on the list ,make Christmas cards. We have been a part of the Kids Craft Weekly handmade card swap now for well awhile  (can’t remember how long anymore).  The Little’s love getting cards from all around the globe and think it’s neat that in Australia Christmas comes during the summer. This year we even have another family from Indiana to swap with.

We started first by painting pieces of paper with watercolors then while they dried the Little’s traced and cut out the gingerbread men for the front of our cards.(Okay word of advice don’t leave children alone with a hole puncher.)

Then today they addressed them.This is great practice for Miss Sky to learn how to address envelopes and brings our geography lesson full circle.

Next on the list , Christmas crafts. We all have our favorite Christmas stories but I think by far the most read story in our house has to be Rudolf, there is just no escaping that red-nosed reindeer. So I wasn’t surprised when the Little’s wanted to make their own reindeer.

Yup, it was just another day of Christmas school :).

Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday season.

So what’s next? A visit down memory lane.



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