“I Want You To Write A Theme”

Christmas school has been going great. It’s funny, though the pressure is off Miss Sky has been doing more “school”  this week then all year. She is on her 5th chapter book (the most independent reading she has ever done in this time frame). She is enjoying “playing” with tangrams.

(During Christmas school you can wear your Pjs)

She has been stepping up in the chore department working really hard to save up money to buy a plush panda. My daughter LOVES animals and has been reading up on pandas. She even gave it a name before we could pick it up. Well on the way home I asked if she would like to write a theme about her panda (no enforced academics while in Christmas school) and she was SO excited to do this.I did not help her at all, I was really surprised at how much she came up with. This is a child that dreads writing.

pictures 1293

Not to worry though one thing I have not had to think much about is Miss Sky being too much in her head. Little Sis on the other hand,I have a feeling we will be bumping heads. It is amazing how different each child is. One I have to struggle with to do school and the other I have to struggle with to play but she actually has been busy creating this week.

There has been lots of creating going on around here and we are in the finishing touches of our projects, I can’t wait to share.

I am starting to wonder if I should let go of the “reigns” more often.

Happy creating everyone !


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