“Look I Am Running With Scissors”

These last few weeks I have taken advantage of not having any “enforced” lessons to really evaluate where we are on this journey called life. Are we happy ?

Somewhere along the journey I lost who I was. I tried to “conform” myself into something I never wanted. Isn’t it funny when the one thing we try to steer away from is the very thing we end up doing.

For those of you who have managed to stick around my musings, I still plan on educating using Steiner’s ideas but feel that in the end I am the best judge of what my children need. I am sure mistakes will be made but that is good right, how else can we learn ?

If you are looking for beautiful chalkboard drawings or perfect main lesson book pages you have come to the wrong place.

If you don’t mind reading about all my imperfections then by all means grab a cup of tea , coffee ,  any beverage will do (wine maybe :0) and join me on this roller coaster of a ride we call life.




4 Responses to ““Look I Am Running With Scissors””

  1. mamaacorn Says:

    Looking forward to the path ahead, wherever it may take you! I follow the LLL philosophy, take what works for you and your family, and leave the rest behind.

  2. heather Says:

    I will certainly stick around. Generally I don’t like to comment on blogs because I tend to feel a little like a stalker, but I really enjoy your blog and find I can relate. When you said that you did not knit I became a great fan. Thought I was the only waldorf-inspired mom who could not knit and actually have injured myself with knitting needles – oh well. My kids also feel that I short change them on the crafts. I have let go of trying to stick to such a hardcore approach and have become much more relaxed. We can only do what we feel is right for our children. iI really enjoy your blog. Happy Holidays!

    • dkjsv05 Says:

      Thanks Heather,

      I am glad to receive comments :). Yes I read about how someone can look at a book and boom they are knitting, not me. I have tried SO many times.

      I have put WAY to much stress on what I can’t do and driving my family crazy trying to do music, handwork, foreign language, circle , main lesson……… all in one day and forgot why I homeschool.

      Happy Holidays to you and your family !

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