Finding Happy Again

Boy, I feel like a load of bricks has been lifted off my shoulders since my running with scissors post.

I am going to be flat-out honest here, unhappiness had found its way into our household. Each one of us has spent time in “grouch land” this year (thankfully never at the same time). Papa and I have stayed up many evenings trying to pinpoint just why.

Well to make a long story short, this past month (while in meditation and prayer) the answer came , it was me. I was the cause of our unhappiness, I have been trying to conform us into something we are not.

We love books (whether they have ” images” or not ) and music (I couldn’t imagine life without it). Yes my children know the words to almost every Beatles song and Little Sis can even tell you which one is singing lead vocals. They also know Mozart,  Glenn Miller, Hank Williams Sr., Johnny Cash, Sam Cooke, Cab Calloway, and Kiss *gasp*because we are weird like that.

Papa and I love movies, I have mentioned before Jimmy Stewart is my hero (next to my grandparents) and I plan on watching every movie he has ever made. We also agree that Frank Capra and Alfred Hitchcock were the best directors ever. My husband LIKES sports and watches football (YEAH COLTS) and Nascar most Sundays. And I can’t tell you how excited I am that The Dark Tower series is FINALLY coming to the big screen.

We also love spending time outdoors with Mother Nature and try not to give into our materialistic nature.

When starting out on our homeschooling journey the goals I had listed for my children were to show compassion toward their fellow-man , that they do have a voice and we all have a gift to bring to this world but the most important, ALWAYS be yourself.

This past year I have put way to much focus on what color my child’s room should be,whether or not I have “woken”my child up too early, and which toys my children can or can’t have and somewhere in all that I FORGOT TO LIVE !

I am learning everything in moderation, that too much of one thing is not healthy.

So this weekend we did just that.

Little Sis is one smart cookie, she can add dice together by just looking at the numbers and can do word searches better than her 10-year-old sister. I can no longer hold her back. What I can do is make sure she doesn’t always stay in her head. To make sure she gets plenty of play time and not to force anything she doesn’t want to do.

We had family coloring time (with preformed images) and loved every minute of it. I use to color for hours as a child and find it very relaxing. My sister still loves to color with The Little’s when she comes up to visit.

We have been spending time outdoors playing in the snow and enjoying the Christmas cards and letters coming in from our card swap.This is the first year we received one from Spain.The Little’s have been playing “school” (go figure) and writing book reports.

And we have been catching up on some much-needed rest.(Have I mentioned how much we love this dog )

It feels SO good to find “happiness” back with us again.

Wishing you all the same !

Happy Solstice and a Very Merry Christmas to all. (and God Bless Us Everyone ;))


3 Responses to “Finding Happy Again”

  1. Cathy Says:


    I hear ‘ya! Good for you. I’m sure Steiner didn’t mean for us to be miserable. All those “thou shalt nots” just lead to guilt and resentment…..

    Down with Waldorf dogma! Freedom in Education!!!!


  2. mamaacorn Says:

    So glad you figured it out! Yet again, we’re so similar in the way we do things, lol!

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