Christmas 2010

I have to say this years Christmas was great !

For once I didn’t feel pressured by taking on so much this year and I actually enjoyed the season with my family.

We did our usual baking gifts for friends and neighbors.The Little’s decorated the sacks for all our goodies.I was really surprised and happy how this years gift exchange turned out. There was so many people thinking outside the box for a change.

One of our neighbors is still unemployed and he is a genius when it comes to construction (seriously, him not finding a job scares me a bit). We are in the process of fixing up our home and his generous gift of time is a HUGE blessing to our family.

Others have come to respect the path we have chosen and not one gift this year needed batteries. In fact most gifts needed to be constructed.Miss Sky has already made one of her gifts (all by herself) and as you can see its been getting lots of use :).

As for ourselves ,besides everything that I had already posted which was a big hit (okay Christmas is over its time to get dressed), we decided to go a different way (no me change plans) and  help out local independent businesses. I was SO happy to see how many others had the same idea.

A friend informed me of a local  toy store ran by two homeschooling mothers that we just had to check out.

But Christmas wouldn’t be the same without a handmade gift from Mama and Papa (okay more from Papa) so this years shared gift was a stroller to help add to the “housekeeping” play.(Which there has been a lot of if you couldn’t tell by the background mess.)

Even though much of the snow from Christmas has melted and the new year swiftly approaches I hope the magic that was shared this year in blog land will continue as more people find what the reason for the season really means to them.

Wishing everyone peace , happiness, and joy for 2011.


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