Let The Sewing Begin

I want to start this post out by saying I in no way get any “kick back” or free gifts for any of the products I recommend here. I am not signed up to get any rewards through Amazon when a link is pressed, in fact I rather not support Amazon at all. All products I mention has been well-tested time and again by how much “use” we get out of them.

Now with that being said ever since the book Sewing School was first opened a list of projects has been quickly stacking up along with “Mom when are we going to start our handwork block”. To be honest there has even been tears as to why we couldn’t get started “right this minute”. So I knew there was no way I could put this block off any longer.

It’s funny the things that have changed for me as a parent over the years. One being complements about my children that always make me beam. While other parents gush at high-test scores or their child scoring the winning touchdown. I have yet to grow tired of hearing how creative my children are.

Miss Sky is starting to comprehend now that money does not grow on trees. With her working hard for an allowance she is becoming much more choosy as to what she wants to spend her hard-earned money on. She is even waking up a bit to the commercialism we are constantly bombarded by with comments like “you have got to be kidding me”. Yes these are the proud moments that make all the work of parenthood truly rewarding.

Today , the catalogs continuing to pour in through the mail, was no exception. As The Little’s sat pouring over all the stuff they will never have you could see the wheels is Miss Sky’s head start to turn. “Mom can we PLEASE sew today?” Now please understand it is not that Miss Sky needs permission from me to start any sewing project, it is another certain little whose skills quite haven’t reached that of her big sister’s. That’s the reason for the plea. Well how could I say no? So while Miss Sky got to work on her own project, Little Sis wasted no time in telling me exactly what she wanted. (Little Sis’s project from the book Sewing School).

We worked while listening to At The Back Of The North Wind on audio book by George MacDonald( another favorite of mine).

I can’t wait to see what will be in store for me tomorrow.

Wishing everyone a happy Monday !


One Response to “Let The Sewing Begin”

  1. mamaacorn Says:

    So cool to read about today since our copy of the book arrived on our doorstep this afternoon!

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