A Is For Animals And Fractions (Apple That Is)

I have been doing a lot of thinking these last few weeks , making lots of notes (the good, the bad, and the ugly), and have been getting a lot of great advice from my very wise little sister (she learned everything from me :)). She so politely reminded me that when homeschooling I can cater my lessons around where my children are academically. I don’t have to teach a “one size fits all” curriculum (thank you Little Sis for the reminder).

As you know from my last few posts, I just have not been feeling this year. Well during all my prayer ,meditation, note taking, and great advice, I think I  have come up with a good plan to combine the two lessons together for the rest of the year. I am sure it will need a little tweaking as we go but I “feel” really excited about our lessons again.

I was going to use the book Apple Fractions by Jerry Pallotta to introduce fractions to Miss Sky. I had planned on using it after the story of Freya during our next math block but a lot has changed since them.

With Little Sis starting to learn her alphabet earlier than expected and since she IS learning the letter A with our baking project being apple pie. I thought why not not combine the 2 lessons. So next week we will continue working with the letter A and I will do a 1 week introduction to fractions with Miss Sky. We will continue practicing math as we move on to our next study, animals.

(The bad) Miss Sky needs to practice math everyday, the math blocks are not working for her. We have to do a review every time we start a new math block and by the time she finally remembers it is time to move on again. She can remember hands on math like our measurement block but when it comes to addition,  subtraction, and multiplication she has a brain fart. She also gets very confused doing all 4 process at once she will multiply when she is to add.

(The good) She has been doing her Kumon grade 3 workbooks everyday and I have seen a big difference. I am really happy with the way they build up and have LOTS of repetition. They also work on one subject at a time. She also has been doing Word Ladders and she LOVES these.

(The good)Not having to wait for me to start school with circle time has been a BIG time saver. She gets started on her workbooks after morning clean up while I prepare our dinner for the day. She also squeezes in some independent reading . Circle time comes as a break from the “head” work  before we start our main lesson.

Moving on to main lesson I now have 2 to plan. Miss Sky can do spelling and vocabulary on her own while I work with Little Sis, but we still need to work on her main lesson together. So to save a lot of time I will be combining our lesson with an alphabet animals block. Miss Sky LOVES animals and can’t wait.

Starting with the letter B we will start our man and animal block with the study of the beaver. We will do one letter and animal a week, sometimes 2 animals that start with the same letter. Then combine handwork, painting, modeling, and baking together.

(Now for the tweaking part) Being there will be 25 letters left in the alphabet this will put us at the end of the year or even into next year (I am not going to stress about this).  So where do I finish our Norse Myths ? Well since we have already done a gods and goddess block I am thinking we will just read The Children Of Odin by Padraic Colum as a read aloud. I guess I will just tweak as we go along.

All I know is Little Sis is really excited about school and about me posting her MLB pages.

pictures 1354

pictures 1358

And she’s been having way to much fun practicing the letter A.

pictures 1355

So to me that is all that matters :).

Wishing everyone a great weekend ! (And Go Colts)


One Response to “A Is For Animals And Fractions (Apple That Is)”

  1. Angela Mellon Says:

    Good Morning,

    I have enjoyed reading your blog over the last few months. I have twin daughters ( 10 years old and in the 4th grade) that I am homeschooling with a Waldorf twist. We are getting ready to start a Language Art block and thought I would drop you a note to introduce myself and give you a bit of information about us. We are a large family with five children, there ages are 21, 15, 12 and the twins are 10. We live in Sacramento, California. The reason that I am telling you a bit about us is that I am hoping you would be interested in having our daughters be pen pals. I know that this is a lot to ask, but am hopeful that we can work something out. I am looking forward to your response. Blessings, Angela Mellon

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