Making A (Apple)Fraction Kit

We have finally made our way back to “regular” school and to be honest it feels good to be back in our groove.

Our rhythm is beginning to change as The Little’s are able to take on more responsibilities. Miss Sky and Little Sis are now in charge of morning clean up while I plan out our day and tackle other chores.

After clean up we head out for a walk or playtime outdoors. Today The Little’s enjoyed playing in the snow that blew in overnight. We spend at least 30 minutes outside. This has been a HUGE difference in dealing with those winter blues (there has been less arguing this year too).

Then after warming by the fire Miss Sky gets started on her math workbooks and “free” reading (this has been great ! She is always wanting to read or re-read a story that we never have time for)while I start on our dinner menu. Today was vegetarian day and I chopped all the veggies for minestrone soup and threw them in the crock pot to simmer. Once I start school I don’t want to have to worry about what I am going to fix for dinner, I like everything to be all ready.

Next is circle. The Little’s really enjoy this time and are disappointed when we don’t do it. This year I made it easier on myself and cut our circle in half with just a few fingerplays and a song. I have mentioned before that we are hardly ever in a circle except in the beginning for prayer. This is also very improv.  I do the movements but The Little’s always seem to come up with better ones. We have opened up our living room to incorporate more movement. I can now use the balance beam and hula hoops indoors. 🙂 This weeks circle includes a winter theme, a fingerplay, and song for the letter A.

Fairy Ring (gathering verse)

Good Morning Dear Earth

Old Jack Frost

Way Up High In The Winter Sky

The Ants Go Marching

Applesauce Chant

Greg and Steve’s ABC Rock Okay I will confess my girls love Greg and Steve, especially The Kids In Action CD

For main lesson this week we are continuing with our letter A study. Since Miss Sky has no spelling during math blocks she began work on her form drawing, tracing it with her finger then practicing on her little chalkboard while I worked with Little Sis.

I first read Dr. Seuss’s ABC book then we continued naming items that begin with the letter A. I am adding them to the chalkboard drawing of Miss A for Little Sis to copy in her A book.

pictures 1361

pictures 1365

Yesterday for Miss Sky’s main lesson I read the book Apple Fractions by Jerry Pallotta . Miss Sky used her mini chalkboard and worked along with the problems in the story .We worked with some fractions up on the board and she made a page in her MLB.

pictures 1360

Today she taught me what a fraction was and we made a fraction kit. Using the example found in Family Math we tweaked it a bit to fit in with our apple fractions.

Yesterday we painted 4 pages of watercolor paper to use for our kit.Today we cut out 5 pieces for kit number 1.Next we labeled 1 whole, then cut one in half for 1/2 then 1/4, 1/8, and 1/16. We played around with these for a while showing Miss Sky that 2/4 is equivalent to 1/2. It is necessary to realize the relationship between different kinds of fractions so she will understand them when it comes time to finding the common denominator. We will make kit number 2 tomorrow working with 1/3.

We finished the day with a read aloud for Little Sis out of her A book basket. Miss Sky is reading Sheepdog in the Snow (Animal Ark #7) and I started Bower The Hound by Thornton W. Burgess.

Wishing everyone many blessings.


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