“Everything’s A Fraction”

Okay while planning this year out I was very hesitant when it came to this years math blocks. I remember back during my school years not liking fractions very much. Add that to a daughter who generally dislikes math and you can see the reason behind my concern. Imagine my surprise when after finishing the book Apple Fractions Miss Sky looks over at me and says “That’s it ?” Could she really have grasped it that quick?

Well we have continued working with improper and equivalent fractions this week and indeed my daughter gets it.

pictures 1368

She has even been making her own worksheets practicing adding and subtracting them without any persuasion from me.

If that wasn’t enough for this Mama to be singing joyous praises she has even figured out that everything can be a fraction and been going around reciting problems off all day. “Today is Thursday we are 4/7  of the way through the week. You cut that carrot into 8 pieces Little Sis and I each ate one, 2/8 of the carrot is gone or we ate 1/4 of the carrot.” Today’s baking project provided the same results “There are 4 sticks of butter , we are using 1/4 of the butter.”  Okay who are you and what have you done with my daughter?

Today wrapped up our letter A study. Little Sis finished her book.

pictures 1366

Just in case there are any readers who might not be familiar with this method, I am teaching Little Sis that capital letters must touch heaven and earth where some lower case letters only touch the earth. We also start in heaven and come down to earth.

pictures 1367

The Little’s unanimously agreed that today’s baking project should be cookies instead of pie. There seems to be a split vote in our household when it comes to pie and today with my better half gone I lost.So cookies it was.

After being 4 months gluten-free ( You must be gluten-free at least 3 months to see a difference) Little Sis started to develop allergies. At first I thought it was typical autumn allergies but as the temperatures began to drop her allergies didn’t ease up. Since Papa is the only one sensitive to gluten I started to add a little gluten back at a time and her allergies went away. So as my new motto for the year states, everything in moderation, we have just cut down on our intake of wheat. We have however cut the gluten out of other products that in my opinion shouldn’t contain gluten in the first place like ketchup. We are using Annie’s Naturals (I must have ketchup to make my BBQ sauce , after all I am originally from Kansas City, Missouri).

Something else I want to start doing this year is to document more of the everyday moments of family life. Sometimes blogs can be very deceiving. Parenthood is hard just as it is rewarding, bitter-sweet. I know someday I will look back and really miss moments like these. You blink and they are gone.Next week we move on to the letter B, and our animal study. I think I am really going to enjoy learning the alphabet :).Wishing everyone a great weekend !


2 Responses to ““Everything’s A Fraction””

  1. Cathy Says:

    Kim, it sounds like you are enjoying yourself – and maybe this new, more relaxed, way also helped Miss Sky to “get” fractions so quickly? Probably, as Steiner predicted, the timing was also right.

    Looking forward to learning all about the letter B….


    • dkjsv05 Says:

      You know I think you are right. “Letting go” has brought our learning to a all new level. I still believe we control the energy in our home and ours of late has been very positive.

      Many Blessings to you.

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