Making It Mine

My planning wheels are once again turning. Inspiration once again is striking. Happiness once again has found its way into our household. After half a year of struggling to get through lessons we have finally found “our” groove. I do not regret the process that brought me here, it was needed to help get me to this next level.

Though homeschooling is nothing new it is to those of us that graduated from a “traditional” school. We know that it is the right decision for our family but with all the many different ways to do it, it can become very overwhelming and confusing. As parents we just want what is best for our children. So we research and research , some of us lose sleep (me), some of us get so overwhelmed we end up doing nothing, and some of us just give up. They think  if it’s this hard I will never be able to do it.

Truth is we don’t have to do anything for our children to learn, it just comes “naturally”. Just like our children learn to walk and talk they will learn to read and write, the difference is in the child itself not the method. Following the methods of Charlotte Mason, Rudolf Steiner, Maria Montessori, Susan Wise Bauer, and John Holt will all bring the same results, a well-educated child.

There is SO much we can learn from those that paved the way and studied child education ,such as the names listed above,(here comes the big but :)) BUT that was what was right for THEM , at the time, for those children. We however live in a different time period. Steiner worried about “beautiful dolls”, I worry whether my children will be able to live without the use of some technical device. I can’t stop progress but I can teach moderation.

I see so many parents new to homeschooling filled with guilt and worry(I know this from first hand experience). I spent MANY long hours and nights reading, listening to lectures wanting to make sure I was doing it right, it wasn’t until I “let go” and started to listen and watch MY children that I realized they will not fit into any one of these methods, each one of my girls are different. Being able to homeschool to their needs to me ,in my most humble opinion, is what “freedom in education” truly means.

This year as part of my new “beginnings” I plan on reading less about the “correct” way to homeschool.  Instead I plan on spending more time learning “how” to homeschool from my children.

Wishing everyone many blessings for the start of the week.


4 Responses to “Making It Mine”

  1. Cathy Says:

    I wholeheartedly agree!!!

    Before becoming a mother, and when my son was first born, I believed I could trust my child to “show me the way”, that if I paid attention enough, everything would be just fine. It was. Then I set my heart on a Waldorf education and began to do things “their way”. I stopped paying attention to my child and instead paid attention to “them”.

    I too realised at the end of last year that it had become a struggle and – although I still love this way and will continue with the wonderful story curriculum and many Waldorfy things – I have to listen to my son and I have to listen to myself, not “them”. We are the experts on our family.

    As long as we’re healthy, happy and connected, we’re doing just fine. Everything else is NOT that important.

    I am sure your girls will thrive!

    • dkjsv05 Says:


      Good for you ! I love many things about Waldorf education too and do not regret any of the time I spent learning about it. It is when we stop listening to our own voice and our children’s and replace it with other people’s (even though we can still learn from them) when the struggle occurs. We can easily forget (or be lead away to believe) that we know best when it comes to our children.

      Thank you for your comment and keep listening to your heart.


  2. Jane Says:

    I just wanted to write and share how much I can relate to your post! I have been feeling and going through many of the same things. I love the Waldorf Method and Charlotte Mason too, but my children didn’t. So I would make all these wonderful plans during the summer and we would make it through about December and it was me making them finish the curriculum or lesson we were working on, there wasnt that love of learning at all and just a mother who was all ways feeling discouraged. I also really have enjoyed reading about Thomas Jefferson Education. but I have come to very similar conclusions. Thank You so much for writing this post it helps me not feel alone in my quest to strive to be more open, listen more to my children and strive for a more natural way of learning. : )

    • dkjsv05 Says:

      Hi Jane,

      Thanks so much for commenting.
      I forgot to add Thomas Jefferson education to the list too.

      I think there are a lot more of us then we think that feel this way. 🙂


      PS. I completely understand about feeling discouraged.

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