B Is For Burgess, Buttons, and Battleship

I decided , since the Little’s love Thornton W. Burgess so much,  it would be a good idea to incorporate more conservationists into our animal block.

Miss Sky has an amazing memory when it comes to animals. Big Sis jokes about the time she took her to our children’s museum and she was telling the lady that worked there all about the ocean. My sister and I joke how she is going to be the next (female) Steve Irwin. Miss Sky loves documentaries about animals her favorites being Blue Planet,Planet Earth, and now Life (thanks to Big Sis). We will be using Life With Mammals during our block.

We also will be reading stories from both Burgess and Beatrix Potter during this block as well as biographies about Rachel Carson, Eugenie Clark, and Jane Goodall. Many people don’t know that besides being a very talented writer and artist Miss Potter was also a conservationist and farmer buying land to ensure its preservation. When she died she left over 4, 000 acres and 15 farms to the nation. You can find a Burgess coloring book on-line for free here .

Today was all about Mr. B and his beautiful buttons.

pictures 1383

First we started our day with workbooks while I prepared our dinner for the day. Miss Sky is working out of a new Kumon fraction workbook for math. I have also mentioned how she enjoys doing Word Ladders . I am always writing funny stories about Little Sis well today I have one about Miss Sky.

She was working on her Word Ladder workbook yesterday and she came to the last step on the ladder, the previous word to use as the clue was pond. Her hint for the last word was “A baby horse, change one letter”. She says mom I can’t get the last one, it can’t be colt, foal, or filly. I said no think of a horse that starts with p. She just looks at me, and I say pony. OMGoodness she started to go off. “MOM A PONY IS NOT A BABY HORSE, IT IS A SMALL HORSE.” “A pony will not grow bigger it is as big as it is going to get.” One quick look on-line proved my daughter’s case. We are thinking about writing the company to let them know the clue should read A Small Horse instead of A Baby Horse.

After workbooks we start circle, this weeks circle is :

Fairy Ring (gathering verse)

Good Morning Dear Earth

Old Jack Frost fingerplay (see last weeks links)

Way Up High In The Winter Sky fingerplay

ABC Rock

The Bear Went Over The Mountain

Here Is The Beehive

It was time for Little Sis’s lesson. First Miss Sky reads Little Sis Dr.Seuss’s ABC book then Little Sis picks out a story from her book basket for Miss Sky to read. It has always been my goal for Miss Sky to read Little Sis’s read aloud, then I will read Miss Sky’s read aloud. Then Miss Sky will read independently a book of her choosing quietly. (whew)

This weeks book basket includes Little Sis’s most favorite stories, the Frances series by Russell Hoban.

The Berenstains B Book

Bears on Wheels by Stan and Jan Berenstain

Bears in the Night by Stan and Jan Berenstain

The Biggest Bear by Lynd Ward

A Bargain For Frances

A Birthday For Frances

Bread and Jam For Frances

A Baby Sister For Frances

Bedtime For Frances

Best Friends For Frances all by Russell Hoban

I introduced Mr B and his beautiful buttons to Little Sis and she practiced writing the letter on her chalkboard.

pictures 1389

pictures 1388

Miss Sky worked on her spelling words while I worked with Little Sis. Miss Sky’s words this week are :



















Then we read a book about the rodent beaver.

If that wasn’t enough B’s for one day. Papa and Miss Sky played battleship while I fixed Beef and Broccoli for dinner. 🙂We are on chapter 20 in our read aloud. Bowser The Hound by Thornton W. Burgess.

Wishing everyone a great week !


2 Responses to “B Is For Burgess, Buttons, and Battleship”

  1. mamaacorn Says:

    You’re giving me so many good ideas! Love the beautiful drawings!

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