Busy As A (Simile)?

4th grade in a Waldorf school is when the children finally venture out from stories about nature and begin to learn more about the world around them from an anthroposophy point of view. In order to prepare for this block I read The Human Being and the Animal World by Roy Wilkinson. I read this and let it sink in then reread it again.

I love a quote found on page 2 of this booklet “they” (talking about the teachers) “must subscribe to, or at least be in sympathy with the ideas on evolution propounded by Dr. Steiner (Otherwise , of course , they should not be in the school)”. The last part is my favorite. This booklet goes on to describe Steiner’s ideas of evolution.

If one has never taken the time to know what Steiner’s view on evolution is I REALLY recommend reading this book. I will say it is actually rather clever his “theory” and to be honest it is one that really will never be proven or denied. Like all theories on creationism and evolution  it all comes down to ones own opinion and faith.

Well I have my own opinion on what I want to get out of this block and I just wanted to be up front that it will look nothing like what is done in a Waldorf school. 🙂

We are still using a three-day rhythm because I think using sleep as an aid really works. I also believe in letting Miss Sky retell the facts without any prodding from me. If she forgets something it must not be that important to her.

Yesterday she told me everything she has learned about beavers so far and she made a picture. We are doing something different ,since this is such a long block, I am going to bind her work after our study instead of working out of a MLB.

Today she come up with a composition. First we talked about what should go into a report and she made a list of facts she wanted to include. Then I wrote her dictation on the board for her to copy.

pictures 1398

I printed off a map of the world to include in her book and she is keeping track of where the animals we study are from by writing them on the map. I am thinking this will help her with memorizing the continents.

She also looked up this weeks vocabulary words in the dictionary.







She practiced her spelling words yesterday looking at them then turning her paper over and trying to spell them. Today she practiced them while walking forward one step for each letter,then stepping backward while spelling them backwards.

We are on chapter 29 of Bowser The Hound.

For Little Sis Miss Sky read a book from her book basket then she practiced writing the letter B on her chalkboard. Up until now she has been copying words off the chalkboard and is in the habit of writing the bump part of the B from earth to heaven. She is already understanding  heaven to earth and been working to correct the habit.

We have been naming different things that start with B and of course for Little Sis the only thing of importance right now is The Beatles.

pictures 1397

I love her drawing of them.

pictures 1395

Today I read The Tale of Benjamin Bunny by Beatrix Potter.

Miss Sky has been reading the Felicity American Girl series she received for Christmas from my dad and step-mom. She is really enjoying them. This of course has sparked new handwork projectsand continued work on her “sampler”.

It is so cool because our neighbors got the girls colonial paper dolls for Christmas. I am thinking the girls would love these for the dress up box. I love when learning takes on its own adventure.

Many Blessings


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