Blue Bean Butterflies And A Guy Named Jack

Okay, I am sorry if I have been sounding a bit redundant but I am really happy with the way our days have been flowing. School is wrapping up much earlier than before, I even find myself wondering if I have forgotten something. These last 2 weeks have been great. Everyone is happy.

I have to say I wondered how Little Sis would do with the pace we are moving. This is a child that you introduce a topic and she is like okay got it, time to move on. I am thinking the 3-day rhythm might not work for her. Anyway, she is loving it, the pace is perfect. She is given just enough each day to make her feel like she has accomplished something.

For a child that tends to stay in her head quite a bit, introducing the alphabet has actually worked to balance her more. I thought she would push me to do more but she hasn’t. But if that wasn’t enough she no longer is interested in wanting to do workbooks while Miss Sky is. She will ask me “mommy do I have to do my workbooks ?” and of course I say no then she goes and plays on her own. This is HUGE. I know this may sound odd but she never really liked to play.She uses to pile animals up so she could be tall enough to reach the bookshelf and could entertain herself for hours (seriously) coloring.

Her favorite thing to do with toys was to place them all in a straight line in the middle of the floor, that’s it. People would ask me what to get her as gifts and I would say lots of paper and a box of crayons.

Could it possibly be now that she is getting her “mind” filled, her body wants to play? I don’t know but I like it.

Now that we are finishing earlier Miss Sky has time to follow her own interests.

I was completely amazed at “Christmas school” how much she learned on her own. It has always been my goal to keep our bottom bookshelf full of “resource” books, I happen to find at the thrift stores 50% off sales, for whenever inspiration should strike. Well, to make a long story short I um stopped.

Well not anymore, Miss Sky has taken an interest in the colonial times and been doing a little studying on her own.

I love when she comes up to me and says things like”mom could you imagine not being able to wear pants?”

Today wrapped up our study of B and Little Sis finished her book.

pictures 1402

pictures 1403

pictures 1404

We practiced Miss Sky’s spelling words yesterday and since she got 100 there was no need to take the test today. In fact, if I notice she isn’t having trouble with any of her words we may just drop the “test” altogether. She is grasping how to break down words quite well and learning how to look words up on her own in the dictionary.

We finished the week up with an art project using beans while we listened to Jack and the Beanstalk.

pictures 1407

The girls loved this.

For today’s baking project we made bagels.I think out of all the things I missed the most when gluten-free was homemade bagels. Once you have homemade you can never eat store-bought again.I took this opportunity to review fractions again.

While these rested we finished our book Bowser the hound.

Oh and guess what we were listening to while we baked? You could say it is a “mystery”, but “your mother should know”. 🙂

Wishing everyone a warm weekend!


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