Lessons From The Couch

Well this morning Miss Sky woke up with a 24 hour stomach virus. I got busy right away making chicken broth (natures antibiotics) for chicken noodle soup and pushing the probiotics.

After getting her all situated comfy on the couch I knew the words that soon would be spoken next, “Mom do I have to do school today?”. Hmm well that is a rather tricky question. So I give her the answer she is expecting to hear “of course not”.

Now as mothers we are all well aware there are many different levels of sick. I knew after a temperature reading of 99.1 ,amongst other things that come along with a stomach virus, that indeed Miss Sky was sick but I have also come to know that if a child is able to ask if we “have” to do school then they aren’t “that” sick if you catch my drift.

So as far as completing a “typical” school day, no we didn’t have school today. Instead we all snuggled up on the couch and I read the story of Rachel Carson Friend of the Earth by Francene Sabin. I knew this would peak Miss Sky’s interest, especially the part how after she wrote the book Silent Spring ,about chemical pesticides and their effect on the world around us,  they pegged her as a “kook and a hysterical woman”.

Well this was all it took for Miss Sky to start telling me how everything down to the smallest ant has a its own part to play in our world. How when we start hearing about the bee population decreasing we better start wondering why.

This was a very special moment for me as a parent. I have managed to instill the love of our planet into my child and she is now ready to take over stewardship.

Since we read the biography of a marine biologist I thought today would be a good day to watch our favorite documentary about the ocean Blue Planet.

As for Little Sis I read her a book from her book basket and she has been practicing the letter C and adding pictures to her book.

pictures 1423

pictures 1424

Yesterday Miss Sky practiced her spelling words and worked on her vocabulary words.







She drew her picture and is copying the poem The Cow by Robert Louis Stevenson in her book.

I have to say that even though today wasn’t exactly what I had planned I am pretty happy with the outcome. Oh and you bet I am going to let Miss Sky keep on believing she didn’t do school today :).

Wishing everyone many blessings.


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