C Is For Curds, Cheese, Casein, Chocolate, and Drama (Class)

Well it is that time again for Miss Sky’s drama class to start back up. So that means our Fridays will be a bit busier. This will be her last year in creative drama before she moves on to beginning acting. Once she completes one beginning acting class she is “officially” ready to start auditioning  for plays. She is really excited about this. Miss Sky does not have a shy bone in her body. She most defiantly does not take after me.

Yesterday was all about dairy. I decided to throw in a little science to the mix and for starters we made curds and whey.

pictures 1427

pictures 1428

This also just so happens to be how to make casein, the very first plastic. You can find the recipe and project information here .

Once the whey has all been drained you are left with the curds which make a rather tasty cheese.

pictures 1430

You then can take and mold the cheese into a shape to let harden overnight and it becomes casein.

pictures 1433

They used casein to make buttons. This was fun, I enjoyed learning about plastic and wonder why no one has thought of a way to use this natural product more. We plan on making more of this cheese again.

Miss Sky has found another favorite recipe she can make on her own. She has expanded from last years recipe ,besides this one happens to be  gluten-free (and low in sodium dad 🙂 ).

pictures 1432

Homemade chocolate pudding (I will spare you pictures of them licking the pan).

Little Sis has been adding to her book.

pictures 1436

pictures 1437

And Miss Sky finished copying her poem.

pictures 1435

Today since Miss Sky had drama and this week was about the letter C, we decided to watch our favorite version of Cinderella with a very young Julie Andrews. First though it was a reading of our favorite version of Cinderella by Charles Perrault.

We are planning to take a little detour next week and continue with the letter C, because C also stands for cross stitch,chicken scratch , cards, and California.

Wishing everyone a great weekend!


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