Singular and Plural

Continuing with the letter C this week, today we wrapped up all the loose ends from last weeks lesson. I am finding SO many ways to work the alphabet into Miss Sky’s lessons. I mean you can do art, music, math, history, you name it. In fact I have even found myself  labeling everything according to the alphabet ,vanilla extract V, oranges O(I know how crazy is that).

The main thing though is I have come to peace with our schedule. Something I had forgotten while homeschooling  was that I am the one in charge. No “school police” is going to show up just because I didn’t get Norse Myths done in 4th grade. Yes I understand the stories speak to the 10-year-old but my daughter is 10 until next October. I have plenty of time. I am tired of having to move on to something else because of a “schedule”(that I have only put on myself by the way). That is why I have decided to stick with the letter C another week.

Monday has become our library day. I restocked the book basket with new books using the C theme like Camel, Chimps, Cheetahs , and Chameleons. Miss Sky picked out a book about Golden Retrievers

pictures 1438

and I picked up Silent Spring by Rachel Carson.

For school Miss Sky copied her new favorite recipe in her cookbook.

pictures 1441

We also reviewed the singular and plural rules of grammar.

pictures 1440

Little Sis finished up her book on the letter C.

pictures 1443

pictures 1442

We finished our school day with a reading of The Korean Cinderella by Shirley Climo. We compared this version with the version we read on Friday and we found Korea on the globe. Then Miss Sky read a book from Little Sis’s book basket.

Wishing everyone a very safe and warm week as we prepare for this up coming storm blowing in across the Midwest.


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