Let’s Play Cards

“Outside is a cold, rainy night. Inside, it’s cozy and warm. You are sipping cocoa.” This is how Let’s Play Cards! ,one of the books I picked up at the library for the C book basket, by Elizabeth Silbaugh starts. Boy replace rain with ice and we had perfect weather to play cards. I never realized all you can do with a deck of cards and I have officially added some to carry always in my purse for emergencies :). I never learned how to play solitaire and this book teaches you a cool spin on the game called clock solitaire.

Well what could be better than cards and cocoa ? Cookies of course.We played war ,which can be played the original way teaching greater and less than. You can also play multiplication, division,addition,and subtraction war.We also played concentration,which Little Sis won,crazy 8,which Little Sis won,and go fish ,which I won (yea).

Miss Sky has found a pen pal. We have been looking for one awhile and lucked out getting twins. They also live in California where Big Sis just happens to be right now. They so very generously sent us a box of oranges they harvested themselves.These are by far the best oranges we have ever had.

I think having pen pals are a great way for Miss Sky to practice her handwriting, letter writing, and geography. Not to mention it’s just plain fun to get to know other children from a different state.

Miss Sky read a book on Cardinals ,since we have a family living in our neighbors shrubs(and it is our state bird), then the girls added a picture to their nature notebooks. (Updated to add) A wonderful story for a read aloud to go with this study is the book Albert by Donna Jo Napoli.

pictures 1447

Miss Sky also did an independent study on cougars, learning they are native to North America. She learned that the puma, panther, and mountain lion are all cougars.

She has to finish 1 chapter book a week. She can decide when and what she wants to read and feel it gives her a bit more responsibility how she spends her time. This week she read Felicity’s Surprise.

This week we read the book  The Adventures of Paddy the Beaver by Thornton W. Burgess. As usual I didn’t get half of what I wanted accomplished this week (there was something like “why do I have to do school when all the other kids are out?)but still feel happy with what we did.

Next week we will be back on track with the letter D.

Wishing everyone a great weekend !


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