Dog-Gone Dingoes

Now that I am not spending the majority of my time listening to lectures or reading books on how I should educate my children, I have found time to pursue something I want to do. Reading for ME!!! (Yay) I picked up a copy of Silent Spring by Rachel Carson at the library and am enjoying it very much. I won’t lie and say it is an easy read after all it is written by a scientist but it has answered SO many questions I have as to WHY we started to use pesticides. The answers have surprised me, well maybe not that much being this “was” a quarter of a billion dollar business(back then). It started during WW II while trying to invent chemicals to use during warfare. They just so happen to stumble upon a way to help farmers kill those pesky insects damaging their crops and gave the discoverer a Nobel Prize(here,thank you for giving us cancer). I might add they tested these pesticides on insects to see how they worked and NEVER tested to see how they would react with humans or animals. According to Rachel Carson it was when farmers started growing one crop only for profit instead of everyone growing their own food when we started having problems with pesky insects.

Okay I could seriously write a book about my findings but that defeats the purpose for anyone else to read it. What I will say is this book was written in 1962 and could easily have been written yesterday.

Yesterday for main lesson Miss Sky told me all she remembered about dingoes and drew her picture. Today she came up with her composition.

pictures 1468

She also looked up this weeks vocabulary words in the dictionary.







Today she practiced her spelling words at Spelling I have decided ,after listening to our presidents state of the union address, there is no way getting around computers (Back to the future II here we come). Just like television they are here to stay and I have excepted the fact my children need to know how to use them (in “moderation” of course). So I thought spelling city was a good start for Miss Sky to practice her typing and spelling. She types her spelling words in the list and then can play games to help reinforce how to spell them.

She is also learning how to look up information on the computer. Yesterday she could not find the word canid in the dictionary so she looked it up at This led to wanting to know what a jackal was and she looked it up too. She learned jackals are from Africa and like to eat sheep. She said “Just like our coyotes”. Have I mentioned I am loving this?

Little Sis has been continuing with the letter D, drawing pictures in her book.

pictures 1467

pictures 1469

Today we practiced making words using the letters she has already learned. Starting with dad. I spaced the letters out on the chalkboard and asked her which sound each letter makes. Then we went faster and faster until she said “DAD”. Then we practiced with cab, bad, and add. As we add more words I will make readers out of these words for her.

Miss Sky read a book to Little Sis from her basket and we are on chapter 7 of The 101 Dalmatians. We are SO loving this book. I highly recommend it to anyone that has an animal lover for a child and even if you don’t. It has inspired so much play around here not to mention inspiring Miss Sky to study codes. She has been writing notes to Little Sis for her to decode.And that is just fine with this mama .

Wishing everyone many blessings for the week.


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