“A Dalmatian Plantation”, Dinner, and Day With Dad

It has been a very busy last couple of days. We packed so much school in that I don’t think I can even list it all without writing a book. (Don’t worry I wont).

For starters we have been thoroughly engrossed in The 101 Dalmatian story. It has been awhile since we have read SO much of a book in one setting, then wanting to pick it right back up the next day. It is by far the best read aloud of 4th grade ,not to mention all the play it has inspired.

pictures 1471

pictures 1473

(This is what a typical homeschool day looks like in our home)

pictures 1472

(Little Sis’s Dalmatians Pongo ,Missis, and Cruella )

This led to watching  a great documentary about dogs.

Little Sis continued in her D book.

pictures 1475

We watched a documentary about Australia.

I completely forgot to add another wonderful story we read this week The Paper Dragon by Marguerite W. Davol (This is one I want to add to our personal library). While we sewed we listened to St. George and The Dragon. We compared the difference in these 2 stories.

And the Little’s helped me make tacos for dinner.

pictures 1476

Little Sis helped make the seasoning.

pictures 1478

Miss Sky made tortillas

pictures 1479

And I made the re-fried beans.

pictures 1480

Miss Sky finished Happy Birthday Felicity this week for her chapter book.

Today Papa took the Little’s out for the day so that Mama could do our taxes without any distractions. I heard they had a good time.

The Library had a Disney princess day, which I find a little ironic, but they enjoyed themselves and Little Sis picked out  something that has not left her hands all day.

Wishing everyone a great weekend!

PS: We are sticking with the letter D one more week as I hope to work on more sewing.


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