Make Way For Ducklings

Alright lets see if I can get caught up for the week.

Our journey starts with a reading of one of our favorite stories, Make Way For Ducklings by Robert McCloskey.

It has been my goal for the Little’s to keep a nature journal of native plants (more next year for botany), rocks, animals, and such we find on our hikes to help add to our geography block.  Well the idea doesn’t work unless you do it. So we are working on getting caught up because we have spotted some really neat stuff on our hikes ,like mallard ducks for one.After Miss Sky read Make Way For Ducklings, I read a story about ducklings and the Little’s made a page in their nature notebooks.

pictures 1516

This then lead Miss Sky on an independent study to learn more about the other ducks listed from the book I read.This journey ended with mama reading The Story Of Ping by Marjorie Flack.

Little Sis has been continuing  with the letter D by finishing her book

pictures 1520

pictures 1521

and doing some dot-to-dots.

pictures 1519

Independent studies for her consisted of being quizzed by Miss Sky on just how much she really does know (because “she” wanted to)

and more code making.She has been learning more of her letter sounds by playing the quiet machine, monkey match, and ABCD watermelon on the computer at Between the lions (PBS)(Wednesday is computer day for the Little’s). She has also been playing at She has added more words to her reading list from the (ad) and (at) word families and I think it is time for me to start making her readers.

We finished The 101 Dalmatians by  Dodie Smith and started on our sewing projects(any guesses to what they will be?)I had purchased these books to use as handwork projects during our man and animal block but thought they would fit in great with our letter study. The books are My First Doll Book by Winky Cherry (I recommend all her books). This book teaches how to make the doll hair and clothes too. The second book is Felties by Nelly Paillouz.

I was really excited to see our library carries these grammar books by Brian P. Cleary and we read all about prepositions and prepositional phrases, then Miss Sky made a page in her grammar book.

pictures 1522

She also is learning what a synonym is by playing synonym Sam’s lab at between the lions.

Whew, I think that just about sums it up.

Wishing everyone a great week !


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