That’s My Dog

This has most definitely been a full two weeks of dog love which has been just A Okay with Miss Sky. This child LOVES dogs, cats, hamsters, squirrels(we had one in our backyard named squeakers that would take peanuts out of our hands),I know you get my drift.

We  read stories about dogs, dog heroes, watched documentaries about hero dogs and shed more tears these past two weeks then anyone wants to admit. Which brings me to Hachiko by Pamela S. Turner. (Has anyone else heard this story ?)OMGoodness after we read the story Miss Sky had to look up the real Hachiko. Well there is a movie that has been very highly recommended but to be quite honest I don’t know if our family can stand to lose anymore tears this week so I have added it to our must see movie list. *(Note to family members add this to your movie list,really really)*

Today in honor of finishing the book The 101 Dalmatians, after Miss Sky’s drama class, we watched the movie.  We made popcorn,tortilla pizzas, using homemade tortillas,and enjoyed watching a movie together that would not involve a box of Kleenex.

As far as yesterdays lessons we did manage to spend some time on our sewing projects but um well the temperatures here has been in the 60’s and we decided a day spent outside was just what we needed. (I don’t think it is normal to be outdoors without a jacket during February.)Anyhow it was more about the weather than lessons but there has been lots of relay racing (a certain Little has learned to hop on one foot rather well I might add)and crafting going on so I guess that counts right?(pictured above wikki stix).

I will share some incredible links I found today. Since I use literature for the base of our lessons I am always on the look out for book recommendations. Well I found a list of books that will take you all the way through history. This site has books as well as movies to help teach history. This site has a great list of resources (with dates)as well.

Next week, the letter E

Wishing everyone a great weekend!


4 Responses to “That’s My Dog”

  1. Sally Says:


  2. MamaAcorn Says:

    Thanks for the links to the book lists! History was always my most difficult subject, so I need all the help I can get!

  3. Jennifer Says:

    Thank you for the link to the books. You have mentioned a number of great book selections we have enjoyed recently. I look forward to checking your blog each day. It is great inspiration for me!

  4. dkjsv05 Says:

    Oh I can’t tell you how excited I got when I found them :), what a time saver.

    Jennifer, so glad you have enjoyed our recommendations, when you find something good you just have to share :).

    Thank you ladies for all your sweet comments, you guys are too kind !

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