Fly Like An Eagle

Well it has been 48 hours since our last egg experiment, I needed to change the vinegar.  We have officially managed the naked egg.

pictures 1552

The shell is gone. We need to keep it in vinegar until Sunday to be able to bounce the egg like a ball.

As far as lessons go Miss Sky made her picture and composition for the eagle in her animal book

pictures 1547

and worked on her spelling and vocabulary words.

For spelling yesterday she looked at her words turned them over and tried to spell them on paper. Today she typed her words in at spelling

She finished looking up this weeks vocabulary words in the dictionary.







For reading Miss Sky stayed up late last night to finish the Felicity series by reading Changes For Felicity. She came in crying telling me how Felicity’s grandfather died. We talked about the story and I love how without her even knowing she gave a book report. She loved this series and we are going to look for the next one ,about Elizabeth, at the library.

Besides spelling city today for computer Miss Sky started her new game Clue Finders. This was a HUGE hit. I am so glad , I really searched for just the right game for her that wouldn’t seem to much like school.

For Little Sis, well she is officially reading.I knew as soon as I introduced the letter sounds she would take off. Along with the letter people we are using lessons from They have all 52 I See Sam books for free. She is SO excited, she woke up this morning with her book in hand ready to read to anyone that would listen. Besides the reader I made her, I also made word flash cards with all the words she has mastered. Today I made sentences using these words for Little Sis to read.I am using words from the (at), (am), (ad),(an) and (ab) families. Since learning the letter E this week I will be adding words using (ed).

She made pictures in her E book.

pictures 1548

pictures 1545

For her computer time she played her new game Jumpstart Kindergarten. This is a little easy for her so I am still looking for “the” game for her(I would prefer them not to play on-line). It is funny how fast they have already taken to the computer. It’s like they are born knowing.

We finished our read aloud Ellen’s Lion and watched Life of Birds, meat eaters.



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