Life Lessons From Mary Poppins

“Impossible things are happening every day” okay this song is not from the movie Mary Poppins, however, it is one that has been on my mind since watching Cinderella a few weeks ago. Have you ever had a feeling come over you that you were meant to be at a certain place at a certain time for a certain reason? Well, I did last night.

Last night we packed the family up and headed to The Artcraft Theater. This is a movie theater that was built-in 1920 and the town of Franklin Indiana has managed to keep it in its original stature. You buy your ticket out front, where characters from the movie welcome you, and as you walk in you begin your journey back in time. Ahead of you as you make your way to find a seat you pass the coat check room and they still have the piano down by the screen.

Before the movie starts you are treated to a small skit and other activities which include the drawing of prizes. Then before the lights begin to dim the curtain slowly opens as you stand for the National Anthem. You are treated to a short cartoon and your movie begins. Last nights showing was Mary Poppins.

Yes the original, there was no 3-D in this movie. We are all very familiar with Mary Poppins, one does not have a child in a drama that does not know Julie Andrews, but it never fails with each screening I always learn something new from watching this movie.

This past year has been very, well let’s just say exciting.  A loss of a job, getting a job back, a trip to the emergency room, papa having surgery, finding out papa has a gluten allergy, and let’s not forget a child spreading her wings and moving all the way to the west coast. Add this with an encounter of being made to feel inadequate and you have my “excitement” in a nutshell.*(Updated)* I forgot to add exploding appliances to the list but that is a whole story of its own.

So imagine my surprise when what I thought was going to be just a fun night out with the family became a learning experience for a certain mama.

The message in this movie definitely is more than “a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down”. I left the theater last night adding two more mottoes to this years list, laughter is a MUST for survival and well I think Mary Poppins says it best.

“First of all, I would like to make one thing quite clear, I never explain anything”.

Wishing many blessing for the week. !


One Response to “Life Lessons From Mary Poppins”

  1. Sally Says:

    🙂 have a wonderful learning week (:

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