Something Smells Fishy

Could it possibly be the 10 day old raw egg ? No not really but we have managed to shrink it.

pictures 1575

It is hard to believe that is the same egg we started with.

Well that concluded our experiments for now. The girls and I have been spending a lot of time with Steve, (Mr Spangler) lately (videos that is) and we ,um they have made a list of experiments they can’t wait to try out. I have to admit I don’t remember having this much fun in science class.

As far as independent studies this week Miss Sky has taken an interest in our presidents.

She is such a funny, creative child. She had the presidents arguing with one another as to who was the best by reading the facts on the back of their cards. Right now her favorite is George Washington as he did fight in the revolutionary war,which is about to happen in her Felicity stories.

She also looked up her vocabulary words in the dictionary and copied its definition. This weeks words are:







She practiced her spelling words at spelling city.

For her main lesson she made her picture and came up with her composition. She is doing good coming up with what to write and I think next year I will no longer have to write it out on the board.

pictures 1573

Little Sis has been on a drawing kick lately, okay she is always drawing. She has been enjoying the I See Sam books very much and wanted to make puppets out of the characters so she could come up with more stories on her own.

First she copied them , then she cut them out and glued popsicle sticks to them. I am so impressed that she came up with this idea all on her own.

She read books 6-9 and we went over her sight word flash cards I made. She now knows how to read 50 words. I have to keep making new flash cards daily. Today she sounded out ,all on her own ,how to spell milk.

She also continued adding pictures to her F book.

pictures 1572

pictures 1571

I have completely rearranged the schoolroom. I separated the playstands and filled them with games, puzzles, and things like microscopes or zometool.  Even though zome is not “Waldorf”, I believe they are very open-ended and have been played with in so many different ways over the years and they are made right here in the USA. (I should mention all of these items I already had. Some I found thrifting or were given as gifts and had put up for a later time.)

This system has been working out great. Everything is in reach for whenever inspiration should strike. My goal is to have the whole house set up this way. No more “well we will study that later” nonsense. I truly believe the reason Little Sis learned to read so quickly was because she was really ready. I just provide the tools and then get the heck out of their way :).

Wishing many warm blessings.


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