Field Trips To Finding The Positive

Being the only one in my family that is not originally a “Hoosier” I am fascinated with learning all I can about the state I now live in, not to mention what a great learning experience it is for The Little’s.

I don’t know if it is my age or what but I have an incredible interest in learning what the heck happened to our country. Only I don’t want to focus on the negative or point fingers at any one political party. I want to know what we as a family can do to move forward and to make a difference in the outcome of our future.

Our family has enjoyed all the new places our journey has led us these past few years and I have enjoyed learning the history of our state through the eyes of the people who live here. Today’s field trip was no different.

One does not live in Indiana without somehow hearing about “The Indianapolis 500” well today we took the girls to Motor Speedway Hall of Fame Museum. This was my first time there as well.

It is hard to believe this track is already 100 years old and to see the changes that took place over the years was too cool.The very first car to win the 500.

The track was first built 2 and 1/2 miles around of all brick, giving it the  nickname “the brickyard”.

Each 500 winner gets to add their face to the ever-growing trophy.

And no trip is complete without having your photo taken in an Indy car.

pictures 1603

pictures 1604

Little Sis is on her knees.

I can’t wait to see where we might end up next.

Many Blessings !


2 Responses to “Field Trips To Finding The Positive”

  1. Jennifer Ray Says:

    Growing up a Hoosier I’ve been to the museum many times 🙂 Your pictures have brought back some great memories for me!

    • dkjsv05 Says:

      Hi Jennifer,
      It’s always nice to hear from other Hoosiers (even if you might not be right now :)). Thanks for your comment.

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