G is for Gorillas and Geometry

Even though we stopped our alphabet block with the letter F the Little’s have decided to continue without even knowing it. I had picked up a bunch of introductory math books while at the library and while reading Shapes by David Kirkby to Little Sis I soon realized there where shapes that Miss Sky had not gone over, like rhomboid, cube, sphere, and others. SO that lead us into our next math study and it fits in well with Little Sis’s study of numbers. The Little’s however are not the only ones who were lead on their own independent study :).

Miss Sky has read 5 books and watched one documentary on gorillas to take notes for her report. Our documentary was a nature special called The Gorilla King. It talked about a gorilla ,named Titus, that zoologists have been following since it’s birth in 1969 by Dian Fossey. Since, during our animal study, we are studying naturalists (women especially) I thought we should add Dian Fossey to our list.

I have not seen Gorillas In The Mist but it is next on my list. I found it very disturbing that someone could kill these creatures just for their skull or hands. Well during this documentary we found out that some mountain gorillas live in Rwanda Africa and that for 10 years the study on Titus had to cease because of the civil war that happened there. This of course lead me to Hotel Rwanda. There is SO much I want to say about my study but I know that my homeschooling blog is not the place. However I do believe  that knowledge is power and thought maybe just by mentioning these topics might interest others into their own independent study.

Now that Miss Sky’s research is through she will start writing the rough draft of her report.

Today we talked about what The Little’s learned from reading the book Shapes and Miss Sky made a picture of a tessellating pattern in her MLB.

pictures 1643

We also looked around the house and pointed out any tessellating patterns we saw.

Little Sis made her picture for the number 4 and she drew a picture using some of the shapes she knew.

pictures 1642

I also introduced her to the 4 processes. She is so excited to finally get to learn with the gnomes.

Then the Little’s played with the tangrams while Miss Sky made tessellating patterns.

For reading Little Sis read books 10 and 11 of  I See Sam, Miss Sky read her last book on Gorillas, and I read to chapter 6 of The Fairy Chronicles book 1 by J.H. Sweet.

The girls are really loving it so far. I love that the fairies are real girls working together to change the world. Like Thorton W. Burgess’s books there are lots of educational tidbits thrown in, like I think we will be planting some marigolds in our garden this year.

Wishing all a great week!


One Response to “G is for Gorillas and Geometry”

  1. Sally Says:

    Sounds like fun ….. I plan to check on that fairy book in our library-we have a fairy lover or two in our home!

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