Bilaterally Speaking

Well I think it is safe to say we had another great Earth hour this year. We try to turn off our power every couple of months, not just to save on resources but for the quality time we spend together as a family. No computer or T.V. just us. We tell stories and like to play where someone starts the story and each person takes turns adding to it. We have had shadow puppet theater and even acted out The Little’s favorite fairy tales. This year we played charades.

pictures 1652

Oh man I think the best one of the night was when Papa had to be a frying pan :).

Today was library day. I picked up more math books for Little Sis and Miss Sky decided this week she wanted to study hamsters.

pictures 1655

I SO see where this is heading.

Continuing with our math block we started our lessons with Miss Sky and I tossing the beanbag to the times tables. She is already starting to increase her speed. Little Sis and I tossed the beanbag counting to 100 and while saying the days of the week (to go with the number 7).

Then we did the Simple Symmetries activities from Family Math by Jean Kerr. These activities help children develop an understanding of bilateral symmetry and geometric patterns. First we started with Blob Pictures by putting a glob of paint on one side of a piece of paper then folding the paper together.

pictures 1656

This helped explain what symmetry means.

Next we did cut outs,

pictures 1657

Flip Flop,

pictures 1658

Made snowflakes,

pictures 1660

and they drew symmetrical pictures.

pictures 1661

For our last activity we took letters of the alphabet to see how many were symmetrical.

pictures 1662

(A unsymmetrical letter.)

pictures 1663

(A symmetrical letter, both sides look the same.)

I am impressed how fast Little Sis caught on.

For reading today Little Sis read book 12 of the I See Sam series. She has been getting in and on mixed up as well as sit and sat. I wrote these words up on the board to help her work on them.

Miss Sky read aloud chapters 3 and 4 of The Stupid Smelly Bus to Little Sis, and I read aloud to chapter 3 of Book 2 of the Fairy Chronicles. One of the girls, that has fairy powers, is homeschooled. I think it is great the author included a homeschool girl into the story for a change.

There has also been lots of playing with pattern blocks.These have been a huge hit with Little Sis who’s been playing with them all weekend.

Wishing everyone a great week!


2 Responses to “Bilaterally Speaking”

  1. Deborah Says:

    Where did you get the pattern blocks? I have a small set but would like to get more as we have 3 boys sharing them now. They look just like the ones in your picture. I don’t remember where I got them (several years ago). Thanks so much.


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