Don’t Blink

Well so much for spring break. This morning when we  awoke it was snowing. I could hardly believe it.Have I mentioned that I am ready for spring. At least it didn’t accumulate. I feel sorry for all the school kids who are on spring break this week.

Speaking of school I have come to a conclusion, after much prayer and meditation, that we will be going year round. I mean learning never really stops so why should we? I feel this way I just need to make sure we get our 180 days accounted for and take off whenever we need to. Of course like “Christmas school”, “Summer school” will be much more relaxed academically.

Yesterday we kept ourselves busy with more symmetry activities.

pictures 1653

pictures 1654

(Miss Sky’s)

The Little’s each picked out a picture and split it down the middle to complete the other side.

pictures 1655

(Little Sis)

Little Sis also added the numbers 7 &8 in her math MLB.

pictures 1656

I found a couple of really cool series at our library this week entitled Childcraft The How and Why library as well as the I Love Math series by Time Life books. Both these series have great hands on activities and stories. I have tried to find them on-line and they are no longer in print. Which really stinks because they are an excellent resource to have around. Since we are working on geometry we are reading our way through The House That Math Built. Little Sis loves these kinds of books and I am having a hard time finding books for her. Every time we get any books in the mail she always asks “Is this for me?”.Oh well guess I will just have to keep checking them out.

Today was all about puzzles. I cut an old painting in half splitting it between The Little’s. Then they each cut out one piece at a time until putting the puzzle back together became difficult.

pictures 1659

It took Miss Sky 7 cuts before she forgot how she cut it. Then using blank puzzles ,I purchased through Bare Books ,The Little’s made up their own.

pictures 1657

pictures 1661

Then we pulled out 2 of our most favorite games.Blink (Papa and I still disagree as to who the champ is of this game) andSpot it. This has been the new game of the year. It is small enough to take anywhere.

For reading I assigned Miss Sky Stuart Little by E.B. White for her independent read. She has read to chapter 7 and is enjoying it a lot. I really don’t like to assign reading but I think sometimes she gets overwhelmed by the choices of books we have to read and it makes it easier for me to choose.

Little Sis read books 12 and 13 of the I see Sam books. She is beginning to spot out words she knows during our storytime and is even reading whole sentences at times. I read to chapter 7 of our read aloud Dragonfly and the Web of Dreams by J.H. Sweet (book 2 of the Fairy Chronicles).



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