One Person’s Trash Is Another Countries Treasure

This week for lessons I did something a little different, I asked the girls opinion on what we should do. After our meltdown, I took last week easy and meditated on what might have gone wrong. You know I really hate to say this but most likely when something in our family is not working it always seems to comes back to me. This time was no different.

Our rhythm has been extremely off. I have come to realize that yes indeed my children need the structure of rhythm. Letting them choose a topic of interest is okay once and awhile but can be a bit overwhelming as well. My girls like to know day by day how it is going to go.

I also forget that Miss Sky is a right brain learner and that everything we do needs to be brought imaginatively first. Supplementing math with a workbook will only work if she has been given a visual experience first before she can form the mental concept. In other words, me just explaining how to do something will not make sense to her, she needs  “hands-on” practice first. I am going to be completely honest here, this is very hard for me. I have always been the type to read the example of how to do the problem, then I do it(however I am not very good at artistic things like knitting). Little Sis is a lot like me, she “gets it” when I explain what she needs to do.

Okay, so I am right back to where I started.( When something’s not broke why do I feel the need to fix it? AHH!) I get too caught up in state standards or how other people think I should be teaching my children and stop following my own intuition.

One thing the girls agreed that we have stopped doing is following natures rhythm. “What happened to our festivals, and, stories,” “And crafts”, piped in another “little”  voice. Me with my head down, “I don’t know”.

So to make things up to them these next 2 weeks are all about spring, and Easter, then we are taking off a week.

Today I told the story of The Star Children I picked up from Our Little Nature Nest’s blog (thanks). First, though we had our circle. For this week

Fairy Ring (gathering verse)

Good Morning Dear Earth

The Seed Children (poem by Christine Natale)

Raindrops (fingerplay)

April Is a Rainbow Month (poem)

At Easter Time Poem (by Laura E. Richards)

At Easter Time

The little flowers came through the ground,
At Easter time, at Easter time;
They raised their heads and looked around,
A happy Easter time.
And every pretty bud did say,
“Good people, bless this holy day,
For Christ is risen, the angels say
At happy Easter time!”

The scarlet lily raised its cup
At Easter time, at Easter time;
The crocus to the sky looked up
At happy Easter time.

“We’ll hear the song of Heaven!” they say,
“Its glory shines on us today.
Oh, may it shine on us always
At holy Easter time!”

‘Twas long and long and long ago,
That Easter time, that Easter time;
But still the scarlet lilies blow,
At happy Easter time.
And still each little flower doth say
“Good Christians, bless this holy day,
For Christ is risen, the angels say
At blessed Easter time!”

~ Laura E. Richards

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (song)

For math, Miss Sky and Papa played Times Tic-Tac-Toe. This was a HUGE hit. We placed it under a plastic protector sleeve and used dry erase board markers so that we could play it over and over again.

Next, we went into the schoolroom where I told them the story of how the star children became dandelions.

pictures 1675

This is where Little Sis’s school day stopped (except later for reading). For Miss Sky, I am using A Kids Herb Book by Lesley Tierra.( I can not say enough about this book, except how much I LOVE it!) We talked about how in countries across the world the dandelion is considered a delicious vegetable and used for medicinal purposes. In fact, dandelion greens are the most nutritious food you can eat. Really, more vitamins than spinach and carrots. Not to mention how the milk from the stalk can clear up acne and help with bee stings but also dandelion root is wonderful for liver cleansing. This brings me to why on earth would we “Americans” classify it as a weed and want to poison it? We plan on making dandelion coffee from the book. We then went outside to observe in nature what they look like for Miss Sky to draw them in her MLB tomorrow.

Next, I gave Miss Sky her spelling words where we marched them out, then she copied them twice in her MLB.



















For reading Little Sis and I read Go, Dog Go! by P.D. Eastman. She read all the words she knew and I read the ones she didn’t. Last week Miss Sky finished Stuart Little by E.B. White. She was very disappointed with the way it ended. She felt there was no closure. She is now reading Cat Crazy (Animal Ark Pets series) by Ben M. Baglio. I read chapter 6 of The Fairy Chronicles book 3, Thistle and the Shell of Laughter by J.H. Sweet.

April Showers may bring many things but mostly in our household they set the scene for lots of play :).

pictures 1671

Wishing everyone a great week!

P.S. Tonight for bedtime I read the story The Legend Of The Dandelion from


One Response to “One Person’s Trash Is Another Countries Treasure”

  1. Sally Says:

    We got MG the herb book for Christmas, and she LOVES LOVES LOVES it!!!
    and oooh, thank you for reminding me of the dandelion story — lord knows there are a bazillion in our yard, LOL!

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