Fly Like The Wind

So we have received some really good news this week! A new shop opening in Pennsylvania wants to carry our treehouses

pictures 691

and mangers.

pictures 741

Our Esty shop has not be stocked lately due to the fact Papa got his job back but we have still been doing custom orders on the side. The girls think it is TOO cool that something their dad made is being used in a preschool in California. They are overjoyed to think our treehouses will be in someone’s store ๐Ÿ™‚ (okay I am too).

When the deal is complete I will let you know which very talented lady is carrying our items, because by supporting her you support us. Well if that was not enough I also found out my bread was a hit (yippee). We are now trading my homemade bread for one of our farmers products.

It feels really good to be working with our hands again along with mother nature. This has beenย  a really crazy year and I feel like our family hasn’t been 100% since Papa’s layoff. This was just the good news we needed. (Just learned there have been more lay-offs today at his company and a strike may be soon, man there is always something to rain on our parade.)

For School the Little’s talked about what they learned from the story, this is really cute retold as a play using silks, and about dandelions. Then they made a picture in their MLBs. Today they wrote their composition. I gave Little Sis a bit much this time and before I could help her she was done(she is speedy quick like that). Next time I will give her less and we will work together writing.

pictures 1692

pictures 1694

Miss Sky practiced her spelling words by looking at them then turning them over and spelling them and she wrote the definition of her vocabulary words. They are:







Today she practiced her spelling at

Funny thing about the girls new computer time, they have lost interest. The weather has warmed up and there are just too many mud pies to be made ;). I for one am happy about that. It is still available to use as a tool for learning(just like the television) but they just find better use of their time. I still like spelling city though I feel it helps with Miss Sky’s spelling words as well as keyboard skills (as she has to type in her words which helps her learn to spell them).

Since a dandelion seed resembles a parachute I thought doing some experiments of how the wind carries a seed might be fun. I was missing supplies to make a parachute (I hope to once we get paperclips) so we made bubbles instead.Well as one that likes to experiment with everything I thought we might as well try one by finding out which bubble recipe works best. So in one jar we placed glycerin in the other we used corn syrup. Next we needed wands. Then outside we went for testing.

pictures 1689

So what were our results? Well they were inconclusive because I don’t think Ecover is made for bubbles. We will try again using joy dish soap. We were however able to see how the wind plays a part in helping dandelions regenerate.

A day well scientifically spent ๐Ÿ™‚

Wishing everyone many blessings!


One Response to “Fly Like The Wind”

  1. Jessi Says:

    I am very happy to here that there will be a store to buy dads treehouses!! very good news. Oh and i noticed in the pic. your dish soap is the same brand that i use for my laundry soap! ๐Ÿ™‚ i like it. love you all

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