The Bunny, The Bunny Oh I Ate The Bunny

Yes, our family is Veggie tale fans :). In fact, truth be known Larry the cucumber makes me laugh.

Well, to get caught up from last week there has been lots of creating going on around our home. Besides helping in the garage with sanding, gluing, and just lending a hand when need be The Little’s have been working on projects of their own.

For starters, Miss Sky has now moved on from gorillas to lions

and has been reading up all she can. We also finished one of our “finish what you start” projects.I know it looks a little like a bear but we tweaked a pattern to make our own dalmatian felties. I think they turned out cute.

Little Sis found a project to work on (she did everything herself)

pictures 1708

and has been busy making more mud pies. She also discovered where she thinks a gnome may be living in our yard.  Looks like a perfect spot for me. Maybe he will bring our garden good luck this year ;).

I found out that I LOVE roasted dandelion root tea. Oh, why hadn’t I discovered this while trying to kick the caffeine habit? If you like to drink your coffee black like me then dandelion root tea is right up your ally, only this is better for my body. I am sure if you need sweetener you could add some but I think it is great just as it is(pausing to take another satisfying sip).

School this week is all about Easter. Today started with our circle time. We are doing the same circle as last week with the exception of switching out twinkle twinkle little star with Little Bunny Foo Foo (a Little’s favorite).

Next was a reading of our most favorite Easter tale The Country Bunny And The Little Gold Shoes by Du Bose Heyward. Then outdoors it was for our own egg hunt.

pictures 1709

Only these eggs were filled with jellybeans to be used for our math project. I found these projects on Teaching with TLC’s blog (thanks).

Each Little had 10 eggs, once they were all found we headed inside to graph their results.Counting the jellybeans inside 5 eggs, Little Sis found out she had more green jellybeans and Miss Sky had more yellow. They came to the conclusion there must be more jellybeans of those 2 colors and the least of red and purple.

Next, we worked on finding the mean, median, mode, and range of their eggs. These were both big hits and just a jumping off point.  Little Sis sorted her jellybeans into groups of colors and made patterns. Miss Sky worked on fractions if I have 12 jellybeans and eat 2 what fraction of jellybeans are left? What is the fraction of green jellybeans? Questions like that.

Next, The Little’s made bunnies using tangrams and pattern blocks.

Can you make this pattern using different shapes?

So how did we “eat” the bunny? Cookies of course. 🙂

Wishing everyone a great week?


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  1. Sally Says:

    i love it all!

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