Someone Has A Boo-Boo (Bunny That Is)

The Little’s received a special package in the mail yesterday that couldn’t have arrived at a better time. Continuing with our Easter theme the girls dug in and got busy.

First project up on the list was hatching an egg.It didn’t take long before a little head started to peak out and upon waking this morning, the little chick had grown its full size.

Next up was math by practicing more symmetry (with new pencils).The Little’s finished by decorating and cutting them out and I placed them next to Little Sis’s eggs she made for around the nature table last week.

Moving right along eggs needed painting and bunnies needed making.I think I am beginning to get on their good side again.Thanks, Dad and Sharon the gifts have been put to good use :).

Many Blessings!


One Response to “Someone Has A Boo-Boo (Bunny That Is)”

  1. jessi Says:

    i got the girls easter package in the 2 days ago. its said estimated arrival time monday, so im hoping it gets there early.

    love ya’ll♥

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