Welcome To Gooey Gummy Grammar-land

Well, we are attempting to continue with our letter study this week. Since Miss Sky independently did a report on gorillas already I thought we would finally do our Grammar-land study. I have posted that you could find it free at LibriVox on an audiobook here, but you can also find it in pdf for free here. There is also a beautiful Waldorf blog loaded with ideas here.

Something new that I am going to start trying is math Mondays. Besides fractions and geometry, math this year has not been fun with Miss Sky. I posted how I purchased a 4th-grade math workbook and we were slowly working our way through when we had our blow up. So I thought I would give her a break and instead of doing math daily she could work on some problems or we would play games on Mondays only. As long as it is just a review of what she already knows. I will only introduce new subjects during our math blocks. Today we played multiplication war setting the timer for 20 minutes. Then I played regular war with Little Sis. So far so good, we will see how this works.

I have noticed Little Sis’s growing interest in fairy tales. Books like Curious George are no longer holding her attention. So I will be adding more fairy tales into our lessons. For the letter G, I have added these stories to her book basket.

The Gingerbread Man

Goldilocks and The Three Bears

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

The Golden Goose

(I am saving The Goose Girl for next year)

The Tale of Ginger and Pickles by Beatrix Potter

Grasshopper On The Road Arnold Lobel

For circle

Fairy Ring (gathering verse)

Good Morning Dear Earth

The Seed Children verse by Christine Natale

Raindrops fingerplay

My Garden fingerplay

ABC Rock song(Greg and Steve)

The Green Grass Grew All Around song

Next, it was main lesson time introducing Mr. G and his gooey gum.

pictures 1735

Little Sis traced the letter in the air, then on her chalkboard. We talked how little g digs his tail into the earth below and she copied it into her Letter G book.

pictures 1733

pictures 1737

(I still need to bind her book.)

Then we listened to the introduction and chapter 1 of Grammar-land. We will be working with a 2-day rhythm for this story since (1) it is mostly a review and (2) it has 17 chapters. So this means Miss Sky drew her picture today.

pictures 1738

For spelling Miss Sky’s list is



















We marched them out and broke the words down finding the hidden smaller words and she printed them once then once in cursive.

For Reading Little Sis read book 17 of the I See Sam books, introducing the words will, we, with. Miss Sky read Goldilocks and The Three Bears a loud to Little Sis and is reading Kit’s Surprise independently. I read chapter 2 of Beezus and Romona by Beverly Cleary.

This series is a favorite in our home as I have 2 girls the exact age difference. Oh, how Miss Sky can relate to Beezus and I see so much of her in Beezuz as well (Nobody says I’m cute anymore). Good fun stuff indeed :).

Wishing everyone a great Monday!


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