Around The World In 180 Days

I thought with Simple Homeschool having a curriculum fair, I would post about our plans for next year. I have definitely made some changes, for one we will go year round and take off whenever we need to. I have always felt stressed trying to squeeze 180 days of school in between September and June. If Miss Sky wanted to linger a bit on a topic or if someone had an illness I felt rushed to move on. I mean who made the rule that school and life had to be separate, this is our life right? Don’t get me wrong though we are not going year-round to get 2 grades done a year, it’s more like I now have 365 days to get 1 school year in.

One thing about Waldorf education I never liked was the fact that American history doesn’t come in until 8 grade. The reason behind this is because Steiner believed our education approach should mirror our evolution as human beings. Learning history from the very beginning does make sense but I believe culture plays a huge part in who we are and we are Americans. Then there is Little Sis starting her school journey. Combining this year has really worked well for us.

So I have decided For Miss Sky’s 5th grade and Little Sis’s first grade we are going to read through the Magic Treehouse Series by Mary Pope Osborne as an introduction into world history(using the library to add to each topic). There is also a great website filled with ideas (look under teaches at the top of the page).Then for topics that are covered during 5th grade in a Waldorf school, like ancient civilizations, we will dive in and stay awhile. We will study botany from each continent as we go. For Little Sis, I am adding the book Around The World in 80 Tales by Saviour Pirotta. As Jack and Annie travel around the world so will we and finish in Hawaii with a states geography block. *(Updated to add )* We also will be using Mr. Donn’s free history lessons for ideas too. Lots of great information there!

I had already shifted the majority of this series just needs to add a few more and the resource guides. I found the rest used at Better World Books (Oh yeah, I love that place). For math, I will continue with Family Math by Jean Stenmark and grade-appropriate workbooks using Kahn Academy as a tutor when needed. We will officially start after we finish our alphabet study( I am thinking January 2012).

Speaking of the alphabet to catch up with school, Little Sis has continued adding pictures in her letter G book.

pictures 1743

pictures 1742

For Miss Sky’s grammar assignment on Tuesday, I read the story of
The Golden Goose and had her listen and copy 20 nouns from the story to add to her noun picture.

Yesterday we listened to the tale of the poor little article and Miss Sky made a page for her grammar MLB.

pictures 1744

So far we are really enjoying Grammar-land, I have to say it is much more fun than doing boring workbooks.

For spelling, Miss Sky practiced her spelling words by looking at them first, turning her paper over and trying to spell them from memory. Then we did something a bit different. The reason I liked spelling was so she could get keyboarding skills but I really don’t like the girls to play online. Instead, I purchased the software Roller Typing for her to practice how to type and she used word doc to type her spelling words twice. She is doing really well with this software and getting good at using both hands to type.

Little Sis is still using jumpstart Kindergarten, because “it’s not fair sissy gets to play on the computer”. I had her take the placement test and moved her up to level 3 because the game was much too easy for her, but she likes it. She knows how to put the disk in and pull the game up all by herself, it’s amazing.

Miss Sky looked her vocabulary words up in the dictionary and copied their definition.







For reading Little Sis is staying with Book 17 of the I See Sam books and I read up to chapter 5 of Beezuz and Romona.


P.S. Yesterday I learned how to make hamburger buns, Yippee!


2 Responses to “Around The World In 180 Days”

  1. jessi Says:

    I love that roller typing game. That is the game that i had when i was younger and learning to type! Its so weird that you found the same one for her. I love and miss you all!!

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