Instead Of Noun

Well to wrap up our week, Wednesday we listened to the chapter about Pronoun. “He is just like noun only thinner and looks as if he worked harder.” I printed the poem at the end of the chapter for Miss Sky to change the nouns into pronouns then on Thursday she copied it in her MLB.

pictures 1748

We will continue more with Grammar-land next week. So for Little Sis, we will continue with more Grimm’s Fairy Tales by reading the story of Hansel and Gretel (to prepare for the letter H as well). I can still remember how much this story affected Miss Sky. We read it every night for about a month, almost like Little Sis and The Three Bears.

I will be using this story for Miss Sky’s grammar lesson too. I am actually excited to be planning next weeks lessons around Little Sis for once. I feel like she has missed out on quite a lot of my focus always on Miss Sky’s lessons. So hopefully there will be some painting, beeswax, and a little science thrown in as well.

Little Sis did finish her G letter book.

pictures 1747

pictures 1752

We went over Miss Sky’s spelling words yesterday and since she had them all down there was no need to be tested today. She also finished her book Kit’s surprise. So today we finished the week with a little baking :).

There was no way I was getting out of the letter G without making The Little’s most favorite cookies, and of course, there was a telling of The Gingerbread man too. Only guess what Little Sis has moved on from this story. 😦  “The Gingerbread Man is for babies mom”, no, no this can’t be.

Oh well, at least one thing still remains the same.Wishing everyone a great weekend!


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