What is a Fairytale?

I hope everyone had a very happy mother’s day!

May signifies a very busy month for our family. There are 2 birthdays, mothers day, and getting the garden planted. Then there is Memorial day and an Indy 500 race. This usually leads to me feeling very overwhelmed. Yesterday, however, I took advantage of being pampered while helping mother nature welcome spring. I always feel at rest surrounded by her beauty.It seems like just yesterday all the streams still contained ice and the plants had yet begun to grow.(Do you see what I see ?)

It was just the calm my spirit needed.

Today though it was business as usual and for Little Sis, this means a new story. She has a tendency to speed through everything. You give her a workbook and she could easily finish the whole thing in an hour. I am hoping working with a three-day rhythm might slow her down a bit.

So today I read the story of Hansel and Gretel by the Brothers Grimm.

pictures 1742

I am using this story as part of Miss Sky’s lessons as well. Besides Grammar-land we will be talking about fairy tales and who exactly those Grimm brothers were. First, though it was math Monday.

Today I made some problems for Miss Sky to practice using carrying and borrowing while Little Sis practiced writing her numbers 1-20. Then we started to circle, using the same fingerplays and songs from last week.

After reading our story I gave Miss Sky her spelling words to copy.



















After she was done we listened to the next chapter of Grammar-land and being that it reviewed noun, article, and the pronoun I printed off the exercise for Miss Sky to do before moving on.

pictures 1755

Then we listened to the chapter about Mr. Adjective.

For Reading today Little Sis read books 16 & 17 of I See Sam. She is doing much better sounding out the will and with. Miss Sky is reading Happy Birthday Kit independently, and I finished Beezus and Ramona.

Wishing everyone a happy Monday!


3 Responses to “What is a Fairytale?”

  1. ohangelina Says:

    so glad i just found you. i’m new to wordpress and homeschooling too!! x

  2. ohangelina Says:

    three and six

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