Nibble, Nibble Little Mouse

What a scorcher today was, the grill recipes and sprinkler have been officially brought out. It amazes me how on Monday we were still eating soup and 2 days later we are out in the sprinkler(crazy). Anyway, you can imagine the distraction the heat caused for Miss Sky. So school has been very minimum.

Yesterday Little Sis acted the story of Hansel and Gretel out. This was so cute I love hearing what parts of the story the girls take to the most. When retelling a story, I never “quiz” the girls. If they forget parts I don’t remind them. I just take it that it must not be very important to them.  Next Little Sis made her picture.

pictures 1756

Meanwhile, Miss Sky practiced her spelling words by first looking at them, then turning her paper over and writing them from memory. She also looked her vocabulary words up in the dictionary and copied the definition.







Today she worked on level 2 of Roller Typing then typed her spelling words twice.

I printed off the story from Grammar-land for Mr. Adjective and Miss Sky read the story and underlined all the adjectives.

pictures 1759

I also assigned Miss Sky to write her own fairytale. She decided to write about a family of dragons. She wrote, in cursive, front and back and titled it Dragon Land. Again this was a creative writing project and was not “corrected” in any way. She has a wonderful imagination and loves to make up stories all the time.

pictures 1761

For reading, I read chapter 1 of Ramona The Pest by Beverly Cleary. Little Sis is loving this series and is asking me to reread certain chapters from Beezus and Ramona. Finding books to read that will entertain both girls can be hard. I am finding out just how opposite the 2 girls really are the more they grow. Miss Sky LOVES animal stories and Little Sis is all about girly stories. So I can honestly say all of us have been enjoying our read-aloud time together :).

Wishing everyone many blessings!


2 Responses to “Nibble, Nibble Little Mouse”

  1. ohangelina Says:

    this is great, so exciting this homeschooling…i love fairytales. i am using parts of the Melisa Nielsen Waldorf Curriculum, full of Norse folk tales. hm…your girl is smart with that dictionary, can she tell me WHAT DEARTH MEANS TOO! X

    • dkjsv05 Says:

      Yes, we like fairytales around here (need to get back to those Norse myths) and I like Melisa too :).

      My 10 year old actually is very good with spelling and vocabulary and could tell you what dearth means, but math that is a whole other post.

      Blessing for your weekend!

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