Zac That Pesky Rat

Since I am on a roll about honesty, I thought I would share another confession with you. Yes, it is another one of those things you just don’t hear much about in homeschool circles and it often can make our family feel a bit out of place.

I have a reluctant reader. Boy, confession really does feel good for the soul.

It is not that my daughter doesn’t love stories, (she LOVES audio books)she just gets very intimidated by the size of a book, and to be honest with her quick attention span she is ready to move on to something else before finishing one.

This is one(of a couple) thing about educating with Waldorf , and not exposing children to any preformed images,that has always  made me feel very guilty.

However this year I have “let go” of how other people think I should educate my children and started to focus more on HOW my children NEED to be educated.

I have learned that my 10 year-old daughter is very right-brained and a VERY visual person  (this is why most of Waldorf education has worked for her). This is also why she can watch a documentary on Annie Oakley in second grade and 2 years later remember everything she learned. I have also come to realize her brain sees everything in 3-D and does better with pages filled with color rather than black and white( why she has doodles all over her Kumon workbook pages). So it would only make sense she would rather read pages full of color.

Introducing the graphic novel.Thank you, thank you graphic novel authors for getting my daughter to love reading, and I don’t feel 1 ounce of guilt for letting her read them.( She also loves to read magazines.)

So with Miss Sky almost finishing The Hobbit(in 2 days), what else have we been doing this week?

Well there is always lots of creating going on.Little Sis

Miss Sky

Little Sis is coming right along with her reading,

pictures 1815

Writing,and math.

pictures 1810

Miss Sky has been busy learning about Mr. Preposition

pictures 1812

and the Objective case.

And is coming right along with her typing, which she much rather do than write.And last but not least there has been lots of planning going on for our Urban homestead.

Wishing everyone a great weekend!


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