A Week Of “Unschool”

What a crazy week it has been.

In an attempt to bring closer to 4th grade we paid a visit to our zoo. Unfortunately they didn’t have any of the animals from our study but I think the tigers made up for it.This is where I got to see first hand the love Miss Sky truly has for animals and she proceeded to share her love and knowledge with just about anyone that was willing to listen. I also very quickly began to realize how much my daughter has learned all on her own without any help from me.

Then home we went to spend the remainder of the day outdoors.

Throw in a cookout and an Indy 500 race,which with 13 countries represented it turned out to be a great geography lesson, you have our holiday weekend.As for the rest of the week, well the teacher decided she would let her pupils decide.Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!


One Response to “A Week Of “Unschool””

  1. ohangelina Says:

    isnt it the easy life..learning around each other, we all learn dont we. you have a good one too. x

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