Welcome To The Mesozoic Era

Okay, as you can see plans have changed.

Actually a lot has changed recently in our education plans. This past week we sat down as a family and talked about our upcoming plans and goals for the school year. I asked the girls what they wanted to study more of, and I made a list of goals that Papa and I wanted from each of them. Like working on our sewing skills and more musical instrument exploration. I have decided this year to follow my children’s interests.

I have struggled so much this year with trying to recreate a “Waldorf” school at home which has brought very negative feelings about school from Miss Sky. This is something I NEVER wanted and when first starting out homeschooling I didn’t do. Yes we read Grimm’s and studied saints but we did it “our” way and had lots of fun. It wasn’t until I started seeking advice from others of what works for THEM(yahoo groups and blogs) that I began to doubt my own abilities as a teacher. Unplugging from the internet was the best thing I  have ever done in helping me to get back on track.

Learning never stops and there is no way I will ever be able to teach my girls everything. It is my job to teach them the skills needed to learn like reading, writing, and problem solving skills so they have what is needed to teach themselves. For me school starts the moment we wake up and ends the moment we fall asleep at night and doesn’t stop for summer vacation.

So here we are, I wouldn’t exactly call us “unschoolers” because we are still working on grade level math but everything else is up to the girls. We start the day with “circle time” gathering around the table making a list of goals we want to accomplish for the day ,like Miss Sky wanted  to sign up for the library’s summer reading program, then we go about living. We will always do math first as Miss Sky says “to get it over with” then the rest of day is theirs.

The girls decided they want to start reading the Magic Tree House series so while at the library we picked up a few books. Miss Sky found what she wanted to read and I found some books to round out our study.

Dinosaurs Before Dark and Research Guide #1 by Mary Pope Osborne

Boy, Were We Wrong about Dinosaurs Kathleen V. Kudinski

The Great Dinosaur Mystery and the Bible Paul S. Taylor

Stone Girl, Bone Girl The Story of Mary Anning Laurence Anholt

DK Dinosaur The Essential Guide as well as the Disney movie

BBC’s documentary Walking With Dinosaurs

Each Little received a new sketch book (or passport) to use as a scrapbook  and a notebook  for note taking.

Miss Sky is also working on multiplying with regrouping and  is writing to her pen pal’s.

Little Sis wanted to read at starfall.com and practice her writing.

Oh and I can’t forget about the game playing.Wishing everyone a great week !


4 Responses to “Welcome To The Mesozoic Era”

  1. Cathy Says:

    I really understand what you are saying here. When I left one of my Waldorf yahoo groups earlier this year I felt like a huge weight had lifted from me, and found myself feeling much more confident as a parent. Somehow in the process of figuring out how to “do” homeschooling I had lost my own inner wisdom about raising my child, and the only way to get it back was to completely stop listening to other people.

    Ironically, I really don’t think Steiner himself would have promoted this idea of dogma which seems to surround Waldorf education, after all, his advice changed depending on the situation/environment in which he was lecturing.

    I recently came across this post, which I thought was really interesting:


    I am certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that if Steiner were alive today he would NOT be telling homeschoolers to follow the curriculum of the Waldorf schools.

    My view is that there is a lot in Waldorf education that I love, and which I see is great for my child, then there are other things which I either don’t agree with, don’t honestly care about/not interested in or my child detests. I have to figure out how important these things really are and – honestly – if they don’t really serve us, why use them?

    I have also struggled with the idea that some of the things we do have in our lives are “wrong” or “bad” for us. Frankly, I am sick of worrying about whether something which brings my son great joy is harmful to him. I’m sick of feeling guilty about allowing my child to play indoors with the Lego he feels so passionately about instead of outside in the garden which he doesn’t want to do , or sing our meal blessing with gusto and humour instead of quiet reverence.

    Listen to your children and follow your heart. I am sure somewhere in there you can find the right balance for your family.

    • dkjsv05 Says:

      Cathy thank you, thank you and yes yes and yes :).

      Good for you !
      I feel EXACTLY the same as you and believe Steiner would be like What the …….
      I always felt he wanted us to listen to our own inner voice as to educating our children. I have learned some great things from Waldorf we will always incorporate into our lives but am tired of feeling like I am doing something wrong because we watch documentaries , or ballets, or musicals or ……….
      My daughter has told us this year she HATES school, that to me means something needs to change.

      Thanks again for your (always) encouraging words and wishing you many warm blessings for your journey,

  2. heather Says:

    I was just saying to my husband last night how I wished I had never heard of waldorf education! Strong words, but I have been feeling very trapped by the very thing that was suppose to free my kids. I have been waldorf-inspired for more than 10 years now and while I like some of what it teaches it can really suck you in…I had a convo today with a friend of mine about this same issue and how freeing it is to just let go and teach from your heart. I agree with the person who wrote if Steiner were alive today he would NOT be telling homeschoolers to follow the curriculum of the Waldorf schools. I can’t agree more. I have also been “hanging out” with some unschoolers lately and this has really opened my eyes. Thank you for a great post and maybe we should start a new group “reformed waldorf homeschoolers”:)

    • dkjsv05 Says:

      Hi Heather :),

      OMGoodness, I have said those same words. No matter how hard I try I still hear the words of a certain Waldorf teacher (I will not name any names ;)) how bad a mother I am for teaching my 5 year old to read. How crazy is that ?

      I think teaching from the heart has been completely forgotten in today’s Waldorf curriculum.

      You know starting that group may not be such a bad idea, I think there are more mamas out there that feel this way.

      Thank you and wishing many warm blessings,

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