Don’t Cry Over Missed Learning Opportunities

So we were on our way to our weekly visit to the farm when we stopped to get gas. Miss Sky took an incredible interest in how gas is measured and the prices. I began to explain how it’s measured by the gallon and pointed out how many gallons it took to fill our van.

Okay she really was curious about this and it led into a conversation about what would happen if  gas were to run out , and ” could we get a horse ?”. I couldn’t believe it she truly wanted to know about math, and I actually answered her (without the I wonder you tell me).

Then I started to think about all the other things she might have asked me about and began to think OMGoodness what if I turned her off from learning. What if I instilled her dislike for math because when she was curious about something I blew her off as to not “wake” her up to soon.

You know what though I am tired of feeling guilty, I am only human and am bound to make mistakes. I have learned my lesson and realize I still have a chance to instill the love of learning into my children. I see now , my eyes have been opened and now it’s time for me to let go and trust my own instincts.

I have to say the dinosaur study has been a HUGE hit, even with Little Sis. I mentioned how I gave each one of them a notebook to keep notes in from the story. This is completely up to them, no prodding from me. Miss Sky already has 1 full-page of notes.  She has been reading all on her own about different dinosaurs, writing about her favorites and she LOVES the Walking with Dinosaurs documentary.

Little Sis wanted to continue with her letter study. “Why do we have to do one letter a week ?” So yesterday we watched the Mr. H episode and today we watched Miss I and she worked in her alphabet workbook.

pictures 1842

She also is ready for 1st grade math.

pictures 1854

It hasn’t been all work though, with temps nearing 100 degrees the girls had no trouble letting me know what they wanted to do.

pictures 1846

And you know there has been lots of creating going on as well. (I think I have a “little” artist on my hands, I am beginning to run out of wall space :))Wishing everyone a great guilt free weekend !


3 Responses to “Don’t Cry Over Missed Learning Opportunities”

  1. Cathy Says:

    Oh my goodness, that really looks like Paul on the left!!! Am I right?

    Enjoy the sunshine (it’s a bit chilly here in New Zealand).

    • dkjsv05 Says:

      Paul is on the bottom in the middle, George is off to his right(our left) and Ringo is to his left. John is the one on top. See Paul’s face is the biggest on the paper because he is her absolute favorite :). But hey not bad drawing for a 5 year-old.

      I will not tell you how many times this child has watched Help and A Hard Day’s night “Hey, Whose that little old man ?”(I know bad mommy). She truly is a HUGE Beatles fan.

      Thanks, I am going to take in as much sunshine while I can.

  2. Sally Faulkner Says:

    I just got back in from being at the Outer Banks for a week, and really just read through your posts (which seems that you posted a ton!!) really quickly..but I can’t go away without saying to you RIGHT ON!
    🙂 and with that, I go nurse the baby (or toddler)….but I’ll be back to fill this box!

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