Passports Ready, Check

I believe I have discovered(but not invented) the term that we can officially start calling ourselves, “life learners”. As I look back upon our journey that has led us this far, I have to laugh because this has always been my goal from the very start, to be “life learners”. I just, well you could say took a little detour is all.

I am taking advantage of summer to really “let go” of my preformed ideas and to test the waters so to speak. When you hear about Unschooling in the media it is never portrayed very positive, and then there are always the theories of “If given the choice my children would just watch TV all day”. So here I am allowing my children the choice of the computer and TV, we only have movies no cable, whenever they want ,to see if this theory rings true.

These last few days we have had several outings to different stores and instead of staying clear from the dreaded toy isle, we strolled down everyone. I am curious as to what my girls are truly interested in. Will they give into commercialism or materialism ? Maybe at first but you know what ,Papa and I are not that way. We are not ones to jump on the bandwagon of the latest new fad actually far from it. So if they do show interest in anything it is probably because it has been “forbidden” from them for so long.

I found out our local comic book store is going out of business, figures after Miss Sky has taken an interest in them, with everything 40% off (graphic novels and back issues included).  So Miss Sky helped herself to whatever piqued her interest, she came away with some really cool comics.They also found a few experiments they want to try out( not at the comic store), one they wanted to get started on right away. This actually will tie in really good with another plan we have.

Miss Sky measured out how big the dinosaurs were at the start(1 inch) and again after a few days to see how much they grew with the help of osmosis. Did they ask to buy anything else? Yes, new markers. How could I say no to that?

What else you ask? Well we talked about what a passport is and made ours on the first page of our new sketchbooks,to keep a scrapbook of our Magic Tree House adventures.

pictures 1871

Other projects on the list? Well there have been games of war (so far just the card game).Cookie making and a viewing of the movie Dinosaur. Did you know the Iguanodon was given its name in 1822?This led into a study of Lemurs that we happened to see at the zoo.

So, what about the TV? Well as of right now my girls honestly would much  rather be outside.And that is just fine with this mama :).

Wishing everyone a great week !


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