Digging Up Bones

Okay not really but we did have a little discussion about fossils.

Well it is official, we have managed to complete our 180 days  bringing an end to our school year (yeah). I am not going to lie this year did not feel like it flew by. Yet while looking back we did manage to get quite a lot done. Maybe not so much in main lessons but goals I set to work on at the start of the year were accomplished. Instead of focusing on the didn’t dos I thought I  would make a list of the well dones.

Miss Sky might let it be known her feelings towards math but this year she still managed to get all her times tables memorized as well as catch up to grade level. Of course this is a continual process but I understand how she learns much better now and plan to stick with it.

Spelling also has been a success. She is seeing the patterns in words and to be honest adding typing practice has helped with this. I plan on dropping spelling lists this year and instead circle misspelled words in her compositions.

Which leads me to the next accomplished goals of teaching Miss Sky, how to write her own compositions without my help and knowing how to use the dictionary to look up or correct misspelled words. This year she also learned how to take notes to form a report and learned how to write personal letters. This next year she will continue writing rough drafts but will begin to type them out.

Even though I may not have completed all the “topics” taught in 4th grade this year, I still feel pretty good about the skills Miss Sky has learned.

So did I learn anything this year ? You betcha, I learned that our family’s relationship comes first. I learned to listen to my children’s wants and needs and not how others think it I should do it. Then most importantly I learned to listen to myself and allow God to direct our path,I knew all along how I wanted to teach.

The internet is great to gather ideas ,such as the one we did today, but real life is SO much better. (Like sitting on the couch during a rainy day and watching episodes of She-Ra with my girls, okay so I had the sheet and comforter set when I was a kid).

Goals I want to work on this upcoming school year. For Little Sis, to keep letting her direct me with her reading and math and to work on learning  number words. For Miss Sky to work more on life skills such as sewing and cooking on her own.

Yes we managed to squeeze some learning in too. We read the story about how Mary Anning discovered the fossils of the ichthyosaur at the age of 12 and how the tongue twister “She sells seashells by the seashore” was written about her. This led us into talking about what fossils were and we made our own(with salt dough of course). You can find the directions here.

pictures 1878

pictures 1881

The girls loved this.

Then they decided to try their hand at paper cutting.

pictures 1877

Having nothing at all to do with dinosaurs but hey that’s okay with me.

Wishing everyone a great weekend !


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