Animal Girl (and Kid Sister)

Part of being a “life learner” is allowing children to follow their own interests. As we are taking a break from our dinosaur study ,due to VBS, the girls have been doing just that.

We have been getting hit hard with storms here in Indy with our yard flooding yet again. Even though puddle splashing is a blast it  can only last for so long. So the girls have taken advantage of the nasty weather to relive childhood moments with mama by watching episodes of She-Ra. I am really not that surprised they enjoy it so much as my girls love Narnia and the land of Oz.

How possibly could watching episodes of She-Ra have anything to do with learning you ask? By having them come up with their own character of course.

pictures 1885

Miss Sky’s

pictures 1884

Little Sis’s (I wrote what she told me).

I imagine as we continue our journey into Etheria, more characters (and powers) will emerge.



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    […] Miss Sky has always had a great imagination, she actually came up with Animal Girl years ago. It just has never made it onto the page quite yet. So to make a long story short for our […]

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