Taboo Talk Friday

I have been keeping a secret :).

Before writing a blog you have to ask yourself the question of just how much you want to share with people. I mean do you really want complete strangers knowing everything. When starting this blog I will admit I never thought I would share half of what I have, after all I am a very shy person.

Then I start to think about how when hiding behind a screen I have the ability to  portray our family however I want. Know what though, that’s not me either. We have struggles, we have tears, I never want to portray our family as having it all together.

These past few months have been really hard for several reasons, school has been a big one but I have been a bit on the stressed side for another reason as well. See I found a lump in my breast. I have actually been having pain for several years but to feel a lump that is a very scary thing.

Yesterday I went in for a mammogram but first I want to explain just how much finding this lump has changed who I was.

For people who have never met me , you could say I am a bit on the serious side. I had plenty of opportunities to get into trouble growing up( we are talking about trouble not making mistakes here by the way) but I didn’t. I have always been a people pleaser, I would feel guilty calling in sick to work even if  I really was. This of course isn’t a bad thing, I just never have been a me pleaser.

Then I became a parent and well moms tend to somehow always put themselves last. That is why I decided to write this post. I found out these last couple of months just who I really am and how much my family needs me.

Sometimes people can make you feel unsuccessful because you decide to stay home with your children. Sometimes people don’t see just how much our role plays in our families foundation. I am very lucky Papa has always been on my side 100% but I still have had my share of people try to make me feel this way.

Well anyway to make a long story short the lump turned out to be a cyst and having a mammogram was not scary or painful in any way(don’t be scared to have it done).  However the lesson I learned from this whole ordeal I plan to carry with me forever. Life is too short to worry period. I am ready to start celebrating me !

Wishing everyone a great weekend!!!!


4 Responses to “Taboo Talk Friday”

  1. Cathy Says:

    So glad you don’t have to worry now. Enjoy the lightness.


  2. MamaAcorn Says:

    So glad everything is okay! What a great lesson to take out of this experience!

  3. Sally Faulkner Says:

    God is good! It IS so hard to keep our role as mother in perspective, but thank goodness you realize your value in your family and how YOU affect the world outside your home through your children.

  4. dkjsv05 Says:

    Thank you ladies !!!!!!

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